Logan Ray

Case Study: Atypical Tracking Solutions Provide Detailed, Advanced Conversion Metrics

Custom Tracking Options that Provide Data Beyond the Out-of-the-Box Offerings of GA and Other Data Collection Suites. Challenge:  Our client needed more data on assisted conversions created by pay-per-click and other advertising campaigns. They needed to know how many conversions were influenced by these campaigns, not just based on the final visit, which is where Google Analytics attributes the [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Center an Absolute Positioned Div

Need to center an absolute div on a page? This is a simple CSS snippet will auto center an absolute positioned div. There are a few ways, but this bar far is the more simple approach. .contentBlock { width: {define width} position: absolute; left: 0; right: 0; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }

Morris Jeffreys

Flexbox, a Beginners Guide

If you are looking for a more efficient way to layout, align and distribute space of items within a container that is dynamic or size unknown, then Flexbox may be an option. Flexbox gives the container the ability to alter its items width/height to best fill the available space.  This is perfect for tablet and [...] read more »

Mike Wood

Different ways to display results using the Nextopia Search API

Here at Beacon we use Nextopia to provide search results on several of the sites that we support. They do a great job of supplying an easy to use search solution for your site. There are several different ways to get the Nextopia search results content on your pages. You can make the search calls [...] read more »

Andrea Cole

Basic Google Analytics Setup Checklist: A PDF Document

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking your digital marketing performance. So powerful and versatile, in fact, that knowing the main important things to focus on during a basic setup can be challenging. And doing a search for “basic GA setup” yields pages of basic setup “checklists” that are more guides than lists. Well, [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Case Study: Medical School Uses Google’s Async Code to Provide Accurate and Flexible Tracking

Updating Website to Asynchronous Tracking Code from Traditional Tracking Code Follows Best Practices, Improves Site Performance, and Allows for Greater Flexibility in Code Installation. Challenge: Client was re-launching website in a new format which offered an opportunity to update the site’s existing traditional Google Analytics snippet to the asynchronous tracking snippet. In addition to staying on the cutting [...] read more »

James Kite

SFTP File Retrieval With .Net

I am often tasked with developing .Net applications to interact with FTP servers for uploading and downloading files.  However, I was recently given a project involving file manipulation using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and I was at a bit of a loss.  While there are endless online examples of using FTP with .Net, examples [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Case Study: Technology Firm Uses Phone Tracking to Determine Website ROI

Dynamic Phone Tracking Effectively Correlates Inbound Calls to Website Behavior and Marketing Source. Challenge: Our client wanted to better understand the impact the website was having with respect to inbound calls to its Call Center. The majority of the conversions actually occurred at the Call Center versus online. A better understanding of the source and geographic location of [...] read more »

Christy Joyce

Higher Ed Sites: Understanding Your Most Common Target Audiences, Part I: The Millennial

All websites have at least one challenge in common:  They all have a target audience, and the success – or demise – of their site rests heavily on how well their site ‘speaks’ to that particular demographic. But wait – let’s back up to the beginning! First, let’s understand what a target audience really is:  To put [...] read more »

Ryan Bowles

What the End of Life for Windows Server 2003 means for the Small Business

Windows Server 2003 and its subsequent versions was a great buy back in its day, especially for the Small Business.  It gave small businesses access to IT functionality typically reserved for their larger medium to enterprise counterparts.  Many business took it a step further and invested in the “All-in-one” Small Business Server and took advantage [...] read more »