Zedric Myers

IE Edge CSS Coding Tips

There are a few things to watch when testing your CSS and HTML pages for IE Edge on Windows 10. Borders and background colors on hover – Watch for border and background colors used together on an element. In some cases on hover the border will disappear. This only seems to be the case when [...] read more »

John Vine

Making PDFs Accessible (Section 508 Compliant)

As 508 compliance becomes more and more crucial for higher ed and ecommerce sites, many developers are encountering Priority 1 issues regarding PDFs. Depending on who owns the document it might seem prudent to send the PDFs to a separate department (those content people who write words good) as the task of tagging each img [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Four Ways that a Google Analytics Session Could Break

Google Analytics provides great tools for data collection and reporting. One of the critical aspects of analytics for your business, though, is ensuring that you have clean data. An issue that I come across occasionally is a lack of session continuity. This means that a visitor’s session on your website is split into two or more website [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

Bacon Back to Beacon

We hope you all enjoyed our April Fool’s fun last Friday.  We certainly did.  Members of my digital marketing team had the idea about a year ago, so incredibly funny concepts have been tossed around for a long time.  Got to give lots of credit to Jordan Burleson (Digital Marketing Strategist), Logan Ray (Digital Marketing [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

Beacon changes name, adds services.

GREENSBORO NC.  Since the company’s inception in 1998, Beacon Technologies has always advised its clients to “Listen to your customers,” when developing their websites or conducting online marketing.  Now Beacon is finally practicing what it has preached for all these years.  Mark Dirks, Beacon’s President, announced today that the company will operate under a new [...] read more »

Keana Lynch

Bacon Poll: What’s the Best Kind of Bacon?

With our new branding changes, we really want to get a feel for what our clients and partners think is the BEST kind of bacon out there? There are so many to choose from, but in the end, we had to narrow it down to just a few. Tell us your favorite by participating in [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update: Bacon

The sizzling algorithm update you probably haven’t heard about: Bacon. It’s no secret that Google releases dozens or hundreds of updates to their ranking algorithm every year. Of course, some of these updates have a larger impact on search results than others, you may be familiar with the Panda or Penguin updates, which targeted content [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

Microsoft Names Kevin Bacon New CEO

In a momentous move by the search giant, Microsoft has named Kevin Bacon as their new chief executive officer (CEO), succeeding Satya Nadella and Steve Ballmer. After increasing pressure from the likes of Google, Yahoo and upstarts AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo and DogPile, Microsoft has made a historic move to land Bacon and push the company to new heights, especially in [...] read more »

Rick Boccard

Beacon Kicks Off 2016 Conference Season with HighEdWeb New England!

Beacon is excited to kickoff our 2016 conference season with a return to Mt. Holyoke College for HighEdWeb’s New England regional conference.  The regional conferences always provide a friendly format to learn how folks within the area are improving the web experience for their audiences.  The one day schedule is going to be chock full of [...] read more »

Mike Ratcliffe

SonicWALL Hidden Features and Configuration Options

Earlier I stumbled across a hidden set of features and settings in a TZ215 by going to /diag.html and figured Id share this with everyone in case you were unaware of it as I was.  It appears to be available in all of the TZ series devices, the SOHO, and likely others.  On the main [...] read more »