Zedric Myers

CSS Equal Height Columns Without Javascript

Here are two CSS options for equal height columns, without using javascript. 1. Using CSS Table Properties HTML <div class=”col-container”> <div class=”col”> <h2>Column 1</h2> <p>Hello World</p> </div> <div class=”col”> <h2>Column 2</h2> <p>Hello World!</p> <p>Hello World!</p> <p>Hello World!</p> <p>Hello World!</p> </div> <div class=”col”> <h2>Column 3</h2> <p>Some other text..</p> <p>Some other text..</p> </div> </div> CSS .col-container { [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

19 Engagements on an eCommerce Site You Should be Tracking

For our client Soffe, we completed a Google Analytics Migration from the old classic GA code to the new Universal set up through Tag Manager. With this upgrade Soffe went from having very little engagement data (event tracking, virtual pageviews, goals and ecommerce info) for their eCommerce site to now having lots of great information [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

New Variable Configuration in Tag Manager

If you’ve been using Tag Manger, you probably know how easy it is to forget about setting certain fields in each of your Tags, such as Cookie domain, cross domain tracking, etc. We’ve run into a couple instances of companies that have set up Tag Manager Tags for their websites and forgot to set all [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Don’t Forget about Google Analytics when Redesigning Your Website

Are you planning to redesign your website soon? Have you already laid out the changes you want to make and have a timeline in place for getting the redesigned completed and launched? Is Google Analytics tracking code migration a task that is on your redesign list? If you answered yes, then I can tell website [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

How to Setup a Video Loop or Video Teaser for Desktop and Mobile Devices

If you need to have a video loop or video teaser on your web site, there is an easy solution. It’s done with the HTML5 video tag. In this case it would be a simple looping video with sound muted. This can help give the site some extra depth or visual appeal. This method works well for [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

Wake Forest MSBA & Beacon – A Successful First Year

Final exams for our Wake Forest MSBA students ended Wed. What a great opportunity. Posed with the question on how to improve the mobile marketing strategy for one of our top clients, the graduate students had to dig into our client’s live dataset in Google Analytics, produce a compelling executive level report and deliver a [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

WFU Selects Beacon to Teach Graduate Level Analytics Course

Last year, when I discovered that Wake Forest’s Business School was starting a Master’s Program in Business Analytics (MSBA), I had to see how I could help. After all, it’s my alma mater AND analytics – two of my favorite things! So I was thrilled when our many discussions and planning sessions led to Wake [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Prevent Scrolling Behind a Fixed Overlay and Maintain Scroll Position on Mobile Devices

This is a great piece of code if you need to have an overlay on a mobile device and do not want the background to scroll when you have to interact with the overlay. The below is an example of the javascript. You can change the ‘getElementById’ name to fit with your overlay ID name [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Google Analytics Event Tracking Tutorial

Google Analytics, with its out-of-the-box tracking features, provides meaningful data about your website visitors and their activity. However, you are still required to configure goal conversion points, in order to track the overall success of your website. So, now you know where a user comes from, what pages they visit, and how many eventually reach [...] read more »

Beacon News

New Arrival! See the Birth…

After 8.5 hours of hard labor at M3 on St. Patrick’s Day, our newborn officially arrived at 3:20pm, weighing in at a hefty 4,621 pounds. Under trusted and constant care, Team M3 delivered a bright, healthy and colorful addition to the Beacon family.  We are so thankful for all the attention we are receiving for [...] read more »