Liz Pagano

How To Use Annotations in Google Analytics

Picture this: you’re checking out your website data in Google Analytics, and decide to look at your monthly traffic year-over-year. You see a huge spike in traffic on a single day last year, but you aren’t quite sure what caused it. Were you running a special that day? Perhaps a new TV commercial aired? Or [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Benefits of Upgrading to Universal Analytics

Yes, Google Analytics announced their Universal version way back in 2012. It made sense to hold off on upgrading back then so that many eventual bugs could be worked through. I occasionally come across websites that have yet to upgrade. If your website is still using the Async version, it is time to upgrade to [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

How To Convert Standard Text Ads To Expanded Text Ads In Google Adwords

Expanded Text Ads Are Available Now The way users search for products, brands and services online have changed. Businesses can no longer avoid or ignore the shift to searching on mobile devices. Because of this Google and Google AdWords have rolled out both responsive ads and expanded text ads across their advertising platform. Earlier in [...] read more »

Logan Ray

eCommerce Analysis: Using Google Analytics to Identify Your Whales and Minnows

If you manage an eCommerce site, you probably spend a lot of time in Google Analytics. There’s a ton of great metrics and reports to check out, like mutli-channel attribution, average order values by channel, eComm conversion rates, and so on. You’ve probably even segmented data by demographic, device type, or geography. All of this [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Multiple Department Higher Ed Analytics Setup

Are you a Higher Education institution who is concerned about: What visitors are doing/looking for on your site? Looking at analytics by a department and/or field of study? Having multiple stakeholders view Analytics for one or more departments ONLY? How to better organize your Google Analytics account? If you answered yes to one or all [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Here’s How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Search Results Appearance

It’s not everyday that the SEO world catches a break from Google, but they’ve recently connected two of their greatest resources for us. You may have noticed a new tool in the  Acquisition section of your Google Analytics reporting – the Search Console Beta. This report closes the gap between Search Console and Google Analytics, [...] read more »

Jordan Lowry

Higher Ed SEO Tips to Power Up Online Visibility

Higher education institutions are beginning to realize the true value of SEO. Unfortunately, the SEO landscape is volatile and ever changing. However, there are some best practices which have been fairly consistent over the last couple of years. We believe that these best practices will continue to be relevant throughout 2016 and work to improve [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

IE Edge CSS Coding Tips

There are a few things to watch when testing your CSS and HTML pages for IE Edge on Windows 10. Borders and background colors on hover – Watch for border and background colors used together on an element. In some cases on hover the border will disappear. This only seems to be the case when [...] read more »

John Vine

Making PDFs Accessible (Section 508 Compliant)

As 508 compliance becomes more and more crucial for higher ed and ecommerce sites, many developers are encountering Priority 1 issues regarding PDFs. Depending on who owns the document it might seem prudent to send the PDFs to a separate department (those content people who write words good) as the task of tagging each img [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Four Ways that a Google Analytics Session Could Break

Google Analytics provides great tools for data collection and reporting. One of the critical aspects of analytics for your business, though, is ensuring that you have clean data. An issue that I come across occasionally is a lack of session continuity. This means that a visitor’s session on your website is split into two or more website [...] read more »