Let's Talk Turkey: What Thanksgiving and Your Website Have in Common

By Josh Barrer | Published November 15, 2021 | Categories: Web Development , Creative Design , Higher Education

thanksgiving spreadIt's November, which to most people means "Thanksgiving". The specifics of your celebration may vary, but the meal is always the most important part of the day. In a way, it's a lot like your institution's website. (Bear with us here.) Everybody has one, and when it's done well, it's so satisfying, right?

Oh, there's definitely an analogy here - and the timing couldn't be better to compare the ideal Thanksgiving feast with how your website is experienced by visitors.

The Main Course

turkey being carvedLet's talk turkey (the bird): for most Thanksgiving meals, turkey is the main course. (We haven't forgotten you, vegetarians and vegans! But for this discussion, we're going to talk about the original, not tofurkey. Still: respect.) The turkey cooks all day and gets placed on the center of the table, signaling that the meal may now begin. Like that plump turkey sitting in the middle of your table, your website is the centerpiece for all of your marketing services, but it too must be cooked up carefully by designers, coders, and developers.

The thing about turkey—don't get mad— is that sometimes it's pretty bad. If it's not prepared well, it can be dry and flavorless, and detract from your meal, and even impact the taste of the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and all the other supporting side dishes. Similarly, a dry, flavorless website won't satisfy your users. Bugs, poor navigation, a lack of mobile compatibility: all of these issues and others can bog down your site like a dried-out piece of white meat (and there's no gravy to salvage your coding or design mistakes).

But, we all know that when it's done right, there's nothing quite like a perfectly cooked turkey (or website).

The Sides

potatoesOf course, turkey's fine and all, but at Thanksgiving, the sides are really where it's at. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, or whatever you and your family like to put on the table: these buttery and rich delights are often the most memorable part of the meal. They're the elements that let you surprise your guests, the dishes where you can really show your personality.

In that way, the sides are like the content on your website: they're how you deliver key messaging about your institution and showcase everything that sets your institution apart. Just like your secret, one-of-a-kind recipe for garlic mashed potatoes, your content offers something your guests can't get anywhere else.

Don't you want your guests to be eager to join your table year after year? That's why it's so important to get your content right. Bland content, or even the "same-old, same-old" content that everyone else has won't do it. But with amazing sides and engaging content, you'll make them hungry for more.

The Pie

piePumpkin. Pecan. Apple. Sweet potato. No Thanksgiving meal is really complete without the pie, preferably with a big dollop of whipped cream on top. Let's be real: these sweet treats are what everybody really shows up for. They're the pieces that put your meal over the top, the closing encore. Done well, they make a good meal unforgettably delightful.

Keeping our analogy intact, the visual design of your website is, of course, your pie. A great design that's eye-catching and original sweetens everything on your site, drawing users in and keeping them entertained.

Ever had a bad piece of pie? What was your reaction? Sour face? Disappointment? Imagine if a prospective student lands on your site, and the design isn't sweet. They're gone, sometimes before they've even read the first word. Your website needs to be irresistible to the point where students must have a slice.

It's a Group Effort

Of course, the Thanksgiving meal is a huge undertaking with many different parts coming together to make it a success. That's why it often turns out even more delicious when everyone contributes, sharing their skills and recipes. It can be overwhelming for one cook, but when everybody delivers their specialty to the table to share with their loved ones—that's what makes Thanksgiving special.

Tasty websites are created the same way. You need a team of experts, each with the training, experience, and skill to craft each element so that it goes nicely with the menu of requirements. With Beacon, that's the kind of team you get. You'll get expert developers to build your site to meet the demand, talented writers to shape your content to engage students, and creatively inspired designers to make it all look amazing.

And that's not even mentioning all of the other resources you'll get from Beacon, like our expert project managers who keep track of every element of the project and our digital marketing team who ensure that your website reaches the biggest and most qualified audience possible.

Remember how you feel after the Thanksgiving meal? Full, tired, satisfied, but thinking about getting seconds? That's what we're here for. Now, let's eat! Contact us today to get started. With Beacon, your website will get done better, faster, and with less stress. And that's something to be thankful for.

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