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Multi-Family Marketing: Convert Leads Into Leases

Connect with your market using high impact digital marketing that prioritizes Paid Search, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Fill vacancies with Beacon's Spotlight Program

Our Spotlight Program lets you target your audience geographically through paid advertising and expert search engine optimization (SEO), measure and tune results with in-depth analytics, easily add and remove properties, distribute fees, and quickly customize campaigns to address high-vacancy.

Paid Advertising Management

With a complete setup and dependable ongoing management (leasing promotions, monthly specials, etc.), Beacon increases your property's visibility and generates geo-targeted leads through creative and highly targeted campaigns with Google Ads and/or ads on social media (typically Facebook and Instagram). It all adds up to bring the right prospective tenants to your properties.

SEO Management  

Utilizing a keyword targeting approach customized for your needs, we increase the local presence of your properties on networks like Google My Business and Bing Places. Then, we use our Monthly SEO Health Checklist to review/adjust canonical tags and your internal linking structure, fine-tune SEO content on landing pages, manage your keyword map, and remedy any other issues.  

Google Analytics & Tag Manager

You'll keep track of your goals with a Spotlight Program dashboard set up in Google Analytics, with Tag Manager for every community. It will include a Tracking Workbook, configured by our Certified Google Analytics Partners specialists to include myriad data elements: Profiles & Views, Data Filters, Goals & Funnels, Event Tracking, Site Search, Google Search Console, and/or Google Ads account synchronization (if applicable). Dashboard reporting is driven by Data Studio to ensure key performance indicators and trending information are delivered concisely and consistently. 

Analysis & Reporting

As long as you are part of Beacon's Spotlight Program, you will receive Monthly Website Activity Reports for each of your properties (metrics only) and Quarterly Comprehensive Status Reports. These in-depth summaries are used to communicate results, trends, and key recommendations from Beacon’s strategists. In addition, we will hold monthly status calls with your corporate team to stay connected, discuss results, adjust strategy, and plan accordingly. All of these services are customizable to meet any unique needs you may have and achieve your business goals. 

Persona Development

Critical to the success of both your SEO and Paid Advertising, custom personas—profiles of ideal customer attributes and characteristics—are created utilizing research on your current audience and insights from a client discovery survey. These personas are regularly reviewed and updated so your online marketing stays current.

Content Writing

High quality and high impact content is carefully created for your landing pages,  significantly boosting ad placement in search engines and driving optimal budget utilization. This custom content also serves to engage your audience, drawing their attention to the special amenities and one-of-a-kind qualities of your properties. 

Strategic Planning

With a focus on results and cost-effectiveness, we build a strategic plan to target the right audience with the right keywords and other proven tactics, then continuously track, measure, and fine-tune to boost your site's traffic and attract more highly qualified leads.


Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager serves as your primary point of contact to keep your project moving, manage the timeline and budget, track issues, handle communications and scheduling meetings, and focus on quality and results.

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