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Winning, Data-Driven Strategy

"Without a plan, you might end up somewhere else." - Yogi Berra

A strong website depends on teamwork and a well-conceived, integrated plan. Thorough up-front research is a necessity to get the results your school desires. Gain deeper insights into current and prospective students through our powerful analytics and approach to ensure your admissions, marketing, and technology departments are in lockstep. Beacon will lay out the plan that will reach and excite your visitors while providing consistency across your departments and administration.

Elegant, Intuitive User Experiences

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

There’s no question that your site visitors expect a highly accessible and intuitive experience. They will be using a wide variety of laptops and phones, with many different browsers and speeds, and will expect quality performance no matter where they go on your website. Rest assured that Beacon’s expert development team, partnered with the most trusted names in higher ed content management, will make this happen.

Engaging, Creative Designs

"People ignore design that ignores people."- Frank Chimera

When students, parents, and alumni land on your website, you have only seconds to pull them in, engage them for the first time, or re-engage them. Dazzling design, powerful photography, and inspiring copy make meaningful connections to drive enrollment and improve retention.

Enjoy a Lasting Partnership

"Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical." - Zig Ziglar

Looking for a web marketing and technology partner you can count on for years to come? The Beacon Team will be in your corner every step of the way, from the first phone call to site launch and beyond. When you need help or have questions, Beacon will be there, guiding the way.

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Working collaboratively, we conduct a series of in-depth analyses to gather data about your audiences, brand, marketing goals, functional needs, technology, and content. The result is a comprehensive strategy that serves as the foundation for the project. 

  • Receive insights from our strategists that highlight what’s engaging and inspiring students (and what isn’t).
  • Discover how targeted focus groups and email surveys help bring admissions, marketing, and your students in sync.
  • Receive a summary of our findings, along with recommendations, for each analysis through formal presentations and Q&A with our strategists.

With peerless attention to detail, we focus on delivering a creative design on top of an intuitive site architecture that attracts students, keeps them engaged, showcases your school’s brand, and boosts enrollment. 

  • Actively participate in the iterative creative design process for your home page, landing page and interior pages.
  • Watch the thoughtfully constructed information architecture take shape that will ensure intuitive navigation and a satisfying user experience.
  • Confirm that the new design, navigation, and layout meet the needs of your audience through design usability testing.

Bring your website to life with compelling content and strong HTML, integrated into a flexible CMS (Cascade CMS or Omni CMS). You will receive the highest quality website development for accessibility, SEO, analytics, performance, engagement, and overall marketing health across multiple devices and browsers.

  • Include purposeful copy to deliver key messaging that drives your audience to action.
  • Leverage deep HTML development and CMS integration experience to get the most from your website.
  • Protect your investment and enhance your website after launch without changing partners via Beacon’s digital marketing, web hosting, and website health management

Your book smarts + our web smarts = honor roll

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