University of Wyoming

Project Goals

Redesign the school's website with increased accessibility and improved responsive templates

Thanks to Beacon's reputation for excellence, the University of Wyoming chose us to revamp the school's website in 2016. 

We created eight responsive templates for the new site, enabling a granular level of control for the school's content managers. One of the features utilized in the template development was the option for parallax scrolling. This design technique allows background images to move more slowly than images in the foreground, creating the illusion of depth and immersion on the webpage. Wyoming's "About Us" page applies parallax scrolling in two sections.

The University of Wyoming's website features "hidden menu" navigation throughout the site. This allows for users to interact with the menu as they need it, while allowing for maximum use of space for content and imagery on both desktop and mobile devices.

We worked closely with the University of Wyoming to ensure that the new site design was compliant with accessibility standards, running several  tests throughout the project to ensure people with diverse abilities could access.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Developed responsive templates geared for enhanced usability and ease of management by content owners in Cascade.
  • Improved navigation thanks to mega-menu accessible on demand from anywhere on the site.
  • Ensured site accessibility for all users.

Services: Web Development | Cascade CMS

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