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Project Goals

New landing pages add branding and recognition for individual programs

Lincoln Memorial University stakeholders wanted to update the school's website in order to highlight the terrific value offered by each individual school/college. They also wanted increased functionality via a more user-friendly content management system. Beacon partnered with OmniUpdate to provide a detail-oriented, yet personal, approach to project management and get the new site developed and launched within the needed time frame. 

Reaching more users with digital marketing

For a small, private university, reaching more qualified potential students is always a challenge. That was the issue facing LMU: they needed to bring more prospective students to their recently redesigned website, and more importantly, inspire those students to apply for admission.

Having already worked with Beacon on their comprehensive and successful redesign, LMU picked Beacon and its expert digital marketing team to assist. This ongoing partnership encompasses paid media, SEO, content creation, Google Analytics, and much more, and has already delivered exceptional results (outlined below).

Outcomes Achieved


  • Landing pages tailored for each individual school/college, highlighting unique branding, value, and career opportunities 
  • Captivating LMU Social wall, highlighting the latest campus happenings, including game-day announcements, Instagram photos, and reminders to #Railsplitter Nation
  • ADA-compliant web design that assures ease of use for visitors of varying physical abilities
  • Audience-based navigation options complimenting the main navigation menu designed to meet prospective students' informational needs
  • An interactive virtual tour of the entire campus narrated by a student
  • Seamless transition to the OmniUpdate platform.


  • Website sessions and traffic increased by 300% and "Apply Now" and "Request Information" clicks increased by more than 1,000% as a result of paid campaigns covering 500+ keywords.
  • New student registrations increased by 1,000% through strategically targeted ad campaigns to appeal to qualified users likely to be interested in LMU. In addition, bounce rates decreased by 29%, pages per session increased by 82%, and the click-through rate was boosted by 400%.
  • Cost-per-click for Branded terms decreased by more than $5.00 ($0.17 vs. $5.81) helping to drive more qualified students to the site for one-fifth of the cost.
  • Targeted SEO pages have seen a 97% increase in traffic, a 120% increase in new users, and a 12% conversion rate since implementation.
  • Accounts in Google Ads, with Google Analytics, were created, monitored, and integrated into the account. Tag Manager was set up as well, all to better track traffic and campaign performances and adjust as needed to consistently deliver strong results.
  • Nineteen different campaigns were managed, with each focusing on unique undergraduate and graduate programs that need to boost or maintain enrollments.
  • Incorporated all aspects of paid search into account through the use of search, search remarketing, display, remarketing, branded, and non-branded search campaigns.
  • Developed original search engine optimized (SEO) content for the LMU site to increase organic traffic and create a better user experience for students.
  • 30+ pages were created and/or updated to improve organic rankings and engagement on-site through SEO.

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