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Content Strategy and Paid Search Help Hone in on Lucrative Customer Base

Kairoi contracted Beacon's digital marketing services to help drive traffic and conversions on its corporate website, as well as the websites of the apartment communities under its management. Beacon provides support in the areas of paid digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and data collection and analysis via the Google Analytics platform. In addition, the Beacon team works with Kairoi executive leadership to hone in on and define key marketing audiences and company attributes, and has created content to reach and engage potential customers. 

Outcomes Achieved 

  • Conception and delivery of a comprehensive, strategic digital marketing plan aimed at acquiring a higher rate of applicants to Kairoi properties via targeted SEO efforts and data intelligence.
  • Setup and configuration of data collection platform (Google Analytics), enabling analysis of behavior and trends observed in high-value audiences and reporting of key performance indicators, including segmented traffic volume and goal completions.  
  • Set up, optimization and ongoing management of paid search campaigns targeting strategic, high-potential audience segments within 25-mile radius of properties 
  • Development of digital audience personas, definition of company voice and tone, refined presentation of property management services on the corporate website.
  • Assistance with creation of SEO-optimized website content utilizing keyword research.

Services: Google Analytics | SEO | Paid Search | Content

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