Macomb Community College

Project Goals

Improve tracking and fix accessibility to enhance Macomb's website

Beacon has long provided web hosting and support for Macomb Community College's website, and in 2019, the school partnered with Beacon for two major projects meant to improve the site and help better engage with Macomb's audience. 

First, Beacon worked on improving accessibility, scanning the site for issues and developing solutions. We fixed HTML markup errors, properly labeled tables for screen-readers, adjusted duplicate ideas, and ensured colors and contrasts were ADA compliant. We also provided Macomb with a task list of fixes on their end, including making PDFs readable, adjusting page titles, and adding alt text to images.

Later that year, Beacon set-up Macomb's Google Analytics with improved tracking and goals. Working with Macomb's advertising partner, Beacon reported on the site's performance in terms of interest, demographics, geographic and device insights, and heatmap analyses of page interest. This data was essential in informing Macomb's planned site redesign.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Improved accessibility and ADA compliance.
  • Built a reporting template to better supply metrics for each month's site performance. 
  • Found key data and insights to support larger redesign proejct. 

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