University of North Georgia

Project Goals

Improve navigation, accessibility, and homepage with analysis, collaborative design, and HTML development

In the summer of 2014, the University of North Georgia selected Beacon to complete a redevelopment project implementing a new, responsive web design. The project was completed in three parts, and the redesigned site was launched in April 2015.

The first phase was analysis and concluded with the delivery of a comprehensive document, the result of extensive information gathering efforts – including an onsite visit for stakeholder interviews and surveys.

That analysis fueled the work completed in the second phase of the project: creation of the new design. The design process was highly collaborative, including several client input sessions and opportunities for revision. 

In the final phase, Beacon undertook the HTML development and completed the conversion of design mockups into templates to meet a tight deadline. To complete the project, the UNG website team implemented the design and HTML files into Cascade CMS.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Added unique and modern logo and top navigation treatment.
  • Audience-focused hover state included over banner image.
  • Added “flip” boxes that expose more content without changing the page.
  • Built editable text call-out areas.
  • Majors offered presented in a sortable table with campus icons.
  • Application process eased via a step-by-step grid.

Services: Strategic Plan | SEO | Google Analytics | Information Architecture | Creative Design | Web Development | Cascade CMS

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