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How To Remove Aria-Described By if Dots are Disabled in Slick Slider

Need to remove the aria-described by tag if no control dots are needed? Try this: This allows Slick Slider to pass accessibility testing. Change “.slide-title” to your respective class name. $('.slide-title').each(function () {    var $slide = $(this).parent();        if ($slide.attr('aria-describedby') != undefined) { // ignore extra/cloned slides        $(this).attr('id', $slide.attr('aria-describedby'));    }}); Sources: https://github.com/kenwheeler/slick/issues/2020

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These Digital Marketing Tips Can Jump-Start your School’s Enrollment

In a recent survey, 51% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 said they could not imagine living without a smartphone. In a separate survey, 78% or high school students said that websites influence their perception of a school. This accentuates the changing landscape and hints toward the future of marketing in the [...]

Surveys: Get the Right Input for your Redesign

The success of your redesign depends upon how thoroughly you understand your audience.  Your results are only as good as your preliminary research. Before you begin, ask the experts – the end users. Getting the right input may be the most important part of the redesign process. Know Your User(s) Many organizations have several audiences. [...]

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Effectively Market Your School with Social Media

There are prospective students in virtually every age group. Each has unique needs and wants. This should be reflected in your social media content strategy and PPC advertising. Your message needs to be specific to be effective. For the sake of discussion, we’ll break this down into three main groups or demographics. There are those [...]

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Love Quiz: Fall In Love with Your Website Again

You have genuine feelings for your website, but you’re not entirely sure you’d call it love. Or, maybe your digital relationship has been less than fulfilling and you’re starting to wonder… is this a relationship worth saving? Take this quiz to find out if it's time to get more serious about a website redesign. Question [...]

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Setting Conversion Goals for your College or University Website

More than likely, you’ve installed the required Google Analytics tracking code on your website. You already peruse the monthly totals for visits, session duration and bounce rate. You have an idea what pages are most popular with visitors. However, unless you’ve set up the right conversion goals, you don’t really know which pages lead to [...]

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