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User Engagement Analysis: Higher Ed Recruitment Made Smarter

Congratulations from the Beacon team on completing another busy academic year! In the last few months, your campus has hosted a myriad of visiting students and their families, completed another round of final exams, framed up your incoming freshman class and sent off your most recent group of accomplished graduates to a bright future. [...]

Background Parallax Image Fix in Sliders or Content

If your project requires parallax background images, you'll want to keep this note in mind. If your slider or content area that the parallax resides in has a 3D transform attached, you'll want to remove that code for the background parallax image to properly work. You'll notice it works well in Chrome and Safari [...]

What to Expect When Expecting a Website

Is your institution thinking about a redesign? Perhaps it is time for a new look and feel, or maybe you are trying to attract more prospective students. With a busy academic schedule, it can seem daunting to tackle a redesign. However, with some planning and a little help from Beacon your redesign can become [...]

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Did Your Mother Dress Your Website?

For many juniors and seniors, one major decision comes to dominate the closing chapters of their high school careers: where to go to college. It's not a secret that your higher ed website can – should, even – play a large role in the decision-making process. Often, it's the first interaction between a prospective [...]

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Font Awesome 5 Custom CSS Icon Style Requirement

This is just a quick helpful how to tip for Font Awesome 5 custom CSS icon fonts. When adding your own custom styling to the fonts, be sure to add a font-weight: 900 style. This will allow the icon to properly show on the page. Otherwise, you may get an empty icon placeholder in [...]

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Attracting Prospects: 7 Traffic Metrics for Higher Ed Sites

Editorial Note: Please enjoy this guest blog post from our partners at OmniUpdate.  If you’re a marketing professional in the field of higher education, you already know how important your institution’s website is in terms of attracting prospective students. This audience is an important, if not the most important, segment of your website’s traffic. [...]

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