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Accessible Menus or Closed Items Using the Input Checkbox Method

When using the checkbox method to open and close an element, you don’t want to hide the input box. Doing that will make it non-accessible. Instead use this method for visual reference, but still allowing a keyboard to access the input checkbox. Input Checkbox CSS: input#IDname { position: absolute; display: inline; height: 0; width: [...]

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Visual/Marketing Design

Essential Elements of Website Redesign More than four billion people use the internet regularly, according to the latest statistical estimates. That translates to more than half of the world's population. A lot of eyes on screens, for sure. Which is why it's smart to invest in your digital storefront - your website. But, it [...]

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Heat Maps & Site Search

Are You Listening to Your Data? Your website users can tell you a lot about how your site is performing. Of course, they don't necessarily make it easy. In our previous blog post, we discussed how to directly tap into your audience by asking questions via focus groups and surveys. The benefit of engaging [...]

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Higher Ed Focus Groups & Surveys: Are You Listening to Your Students?

Colleges and universities are in a constant state of change. Every year, graduates leaving for the "real world" are replaced on campus by an incoming freshman class. While the demographic mix of incoming classes at a given school typically changes little year to year, the students themselves -- their interests, use of technology, social [...]

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SEO for Higher Ed: 3 Steps to Increase Enrollment

Of all the ways to market to prospective students, the most cost efficient may be SEO. Optimizing for organic search doesn’t require the monthly cash outlay that PPC does (although you want to be doing that, too). And improving your ranking in search engines can improve brand recognition and produce actual recruiting leads. If [...]

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OUTC18: Beacon on Accessibility

There is no doubt that ADA compliance and accessibility is the hot button issue for today’s college and university websites. Compelled by section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding must make their websites accessible to all users. Questions remain. For example, what does web accessibility look like? [...]

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