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Attracting Prospects: 7 Traffic Metrics for Higher Ed Sites

Editorial Note: Please enjoy this guest blog post from our partners at OmniUpdate.  If you’re a marketing professional in the field of higher education, you already know how important your institution’s website is in terms of attracting prospective students. This audience is an important, if not the most important, segment of your website’s traffic. [...]

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Drive Recruitment with Campus Virtual Tours

Is there a better way to approach campus visits in the information age? Campus tours are an excellent way to showcase your campus to prospective students. In fact, as you're reading this, admissions offices across the country are in the midst of preparations for a very busy campus visit season. From an admissions perspective, [...]

Get More Students On Campus with Tailored Homepage Content

Spring is a popular time for campus visits. In April, campuses everywhere swell with high school upperclassmen, parents in tow, taking part in information sessions and embarking on campus tours. It's an exciting time, filled with intrigue and possibilities. A successful spring campus visit season is a result of much hard work, coordination and [...]

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Spring Cleaning the PPC Way

It sure feels like those dazzling days of spring are just around the corner. More daylight and warmer temperatures are starting to tease nature back to life from the slumber of winter. It's hard to ignore all the energy and buzz in the air. This time of year is all about renewal and fresh [...]

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5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Site All Over Again

Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the routine things we use every day. Tools, possessions and even people we see on a daily basis tend to get less and less of our full attention. That may be one of the reasons why Valentine's Day is such a big celebration every February. It's a great reminder [...]

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