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Your Game Plan for Device & Browser Testing

We expect a newly designed or re-designed website to look good, be easy to use and deliver the information visitors expect. Baked into all those expectations are the assumption of basic functionality - that all the elements load and display quickly and properly, navigation menus and links actually take you where intended, and content is [...]

Designing for Accessibility

It's easy to forget how revolutionary internet technology is. Today, applying mobile devices in our everyday lives is almost second nature. But, just 20 years ago, you still had to call someone's house phone to make plans. Think about that. If you were a kid in the 90's and you wanted to talk to [...]

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Weaving Hope: A New Venture Aims to Build School in Rwanda

Weaving Hope, a new philanthropic partnership between NC-based Beacon Technologies and Georgia-based burton+BURTON®, is targeting the educational and nutritional needs of Rwandan children.  Through the Hope on A Thousand Hills mission of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, the initiative aims to raise funds for a new school through the sale of authentic, African baskets. [...]

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How to Close a Toggle Menu with an Outside Click

Adding a toggle menu is nice and straight forward with your preference of CSS or jQuery, but when you want to be able to click outside of the menu and close you will need to add a little more jQuery functionality. This option adds a few extra lines of jQuery, but overall very simple [...]

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Design Is More Than Meets the Eye

Undertaking a web re-design can provide the liberating feeling of starting anew, from scratch. But, most of the time, that's not really the case. Pretty much all of the websites undergoing a re-design still have a base of existing users. So, while you do want to focus your re-design around fresh, modern and relevant elements, [...]

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Beacon is Going to edUi 2018

Beacon is going to edUi 2018 in Charlottesville, VA. If you're a web professional who works with colleges, universities, libraries or museums, you should, too. In fact, we'll help you get there. Register here and receive $100 off the registration fee. Or just apply the code "Beacon" on the regular registration form to access [...]

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