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SEO for Higher Ed: 3 Steps to Increase Enrollment

Of all the ways to market to prospective students, the most cost efficient may be SEO. Optimizing for organic search doesn’t require the monthly cash outlay that PPC does (although you want to be doing that, too). And improving your ranking in search engines can improve brand recognition and produce actual recruiting leads. If [...]

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OUTC18: Beacon on Accessibility

There is no doubt that ADA compliance and accessibility is the hot button issue for today’s college and university websites. Compelled by section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding must make their websites accessible to all users. Questions remain. For example, what does web accessibility look like? [...]

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Remarketing & Enrollment: Why it Works for Colleges & Universities

If you’re reading this article, you probably have at least a basic understanding of how remarketing works. For those who do not, remarketing ads identify those with a predisposition towards your product and nudge them to buy (or take some action). Here’s the scenario: A user visits the admissions page for AGU (Amazingly Great [...]

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5 Reasons to Perform Regular Website Audits

Whether you’re preparing for a website redesign or simply looking to optimize your existing website, regular website audits are a must. Here are the 5 top reasons you need to perform regular website audits: Usability is the Key to Engagement What do the users of your website look for? What do they interact with and [...]

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The New Search Console: What You Need to Know

Google has released a beta version of a new Search Console experience to a limited number of users. Keeping up to date with new features is imperative for those who wish to adequately monitor indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. The OLD Search Console Google Search Console offers invaluable insight into how [...]

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Cascade Velocity Locator Tool

The Cascade Velocity Locator Tool allows the Cascade page to render faster internally in the CMS system. It supports up to 500 query items on a page. For example, if you have a large list of data that needs to display on a listing page such as news articles, the Cascade Velocity Locator Tool [...]

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