Web Design Services

Branding and Creative Design

Crafting a modern, clean, and dazzling website

First impressions are everything, especially on the web. Make a poor one, and your audience is going to click away. Beacon's skilled and passionate designers design your site to look amazing. Your new design will be on-brand and engaging; compatible with multiple devices, browsers, and search engines; and intuitive and enjoyable for your audience while meeting all accessibility guidelines: everything you need to make a great first (and second, and third, and fourth) impression.

Branding and Creative Design

Your institution's personality and unique value proposition will guide your site's new design: from photography styles and composition to iconography and other collateral to key brand colors, every facet of the design will reflect your brand at its best.

We also take a look at your competitor sites and others, identifying what you like and dislike. Those elements will be incorporated into the design so that your site will not only rival your competitors but exceed them.

UX and Responsive Design

A successful design requires more than just great visuals, though. Key user experience (UX) factors are incorporated into the design, starting with wireframes and user interface components that will ensure your site is functional, intuitive, and enjoyable. 

Utilizing our mobile-first strategy, your site will be designed to be responsive so your audience will have an optimal experience regardless of the device they use to visit.


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