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Building quality websites that deliver results

Creating a reliable, attractive website starts with insightful strategy and eye-catching design. Bringing that site to life so it performs to the highest standards requires the skilled work of an expert team of developers. With Beacon, you'll have that team working to build you a site that equals your vision and exceeds your expectations. 


Development and Coding

When you work with Beacon, you will get code that is clean, scalable, and maintainable. Your site will always function as intended and deliver an engaging experience for your users. Our experienced development team members are proficient in:

  • HTML 5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
  • XSLT | Velocity
  • Database analysis, optimization, and relational design using primarily MS SQL Server
  • Custom development using primarily C# and .NET
  • Implementation of various payment gateways for e-commerce sites
  • Implementation of web services (both consuming and hosting)
  • Defense against malicious attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injection
  • Integration of various 3rd party APIs
  • Compliance with all Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Act standards to ensure accessibility


Browser and Device Compatibility

Most people today engage with their favorite sites on their smartphones. To deliver an optimized experience for all audiences, Beacon deploys a mobile-first approach. Our fully responsive designs ensure your content will render properly across a myriad of mobile and desktop devices. Your website will be thoroughly tested across the 10 most popular browser/device combinations to further assure the highest quality experience


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website will be built utilizing a CMS that offers you the necessary templates, security features, and easy-to-use controls to govern your site and keep it relevant for your audience.

While some prefer open-source CMS platforms, given our deep technical experience, Beacon is a very strong proponent of proprietary content management software. Instead, you’ll get a complete enterprise solution, only accessible to you and your developers, built to be flexible, secure, meet accessibility requirements, and most importantly, be customizable to meet your specific website needs.

Throughout Beacon’s more than 20 years of website development, we have utilized a variety of CMS platforms. That experience has led us to partner with two fantastic CMS providers: Modern Campus, offering the Modern Campus Omni CMS, and Hannon Hill, offering Cascade CMS. Both options are extremely reliable and widely used. 


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