Web Development

An entirely different set of skills is required to bring your design to life. With strong content management software as the backbone, experience transitioning designs into a technical platform is imperative in order to sustain the creative elements and functional features.

Count on Beacon’s deep technical experience to integrate third-party software (Site Search, Google Analytics, etc), leverage different programming languages (HTML, XSLT, JQuery, CSS, etc.), follow best practices to ensure high performance (ADA compliance, SEO, mobile friendly, cross-device and cross-browser compatibility, etc.) and protect your investment (change management, software maintenance, hosting, etc.).

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”
–John Ruskin

What We Do

We Bring Your Design To Life

We implement websites from a perspective of creating a clean, maintainable and scalable code, that will make a good use of the semantic markup elements of HTML5 and that will render correctly in supported browsers.

  • HTML 5 | CSS3 | JavaScript 
  • XSLT | Velocity
  • Database analysis, optimization, and relational design using primarily MS Sql Server
  • Custom development using primarily C# and .Net
  • Implementation of various payment gateways for ecommerce sites
  • Implementation of web services (both consuming and hosting.)
  • Defense against malicious attacks like cross site scripting and sql injection
  • Integration of various 3rd party APIs

Extensive CMS Experience

Beacon's expertise in web development predates the emergence of content management systems (CMS) as a reliable solution. In 1998, we relied on pure content development and system integration processes to build out custom websites. As content management software matured, Beacon has performed an extensive study of several CMS products over the years which led to our partnership with Cascade CMS and OmniUpdate's OU Campus CMS. Over the last 20 years, Beacon has worked with many different CMS platforms, both proprietary and open source. While open source is viable for blogs and small, low-budget websites, we are very strong advocates of proprietary content management systems for colleges, universities and businesses.


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We Test Like Crazy

Browser/Device Compatibility

Beacon deploys a mobile-first approach resulting in a fully responsive design so your content will render properly for mobile and desktop devices. Our designs are tested extensively to ensure that it displays perfectly across the most popular browsers and devices.

We create a Master Test Plan for (10 different browsers/device combinations)  6 desktop browsers, 2 tablet platform browsers and 2 smartphone platform browsers.


Our Team is dedicated to meeting the highest level of Accessibility Standards and ensuring every website is accessible to all users.

Accessibility management on your website is a crucial part of creating a better experience. Without ensuring you site is meeting Accessibility standards, you may be limiting access to content for many of your users.

Learn More About Our Approach to Accessibility

We Finish Strong

Post-launch, Beacon will be there to support you. We have a strong interest in our clients’ success and hold ourselves accountable throughout the project and beyond. All of our work is backed up by a post-launch warranty, so if anything was missed during testing – we’re on it. In addition, Beacon provides a post-launch performance review led by a comprehensive team of folks.

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164 Thatcher Road, Greensboro, NC 27409
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