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Website Health Management

You've worked hard for your site, so keep it in good health

Keeping your college or university's website healthy is key to driving enrollment and retention. Our Web Health Management program will help you stay ahead of the competition in terms of ADA compliance, SEO, Google Analytics Tracking, device and browser compatibility, page performance, user engagement, and user experience. 

How It's Done

  • Accessibility - Quarterly ADA site scans, analysis of findings and recommendations for revisions to meet compliance requirements. Attention on Priority 1 issues (WCAG Level A) related to template, content, PDF and forms. We also monitor Priority 2 issues (WCAG Level AA).
  • SEO - Quarterly website crawls to detect common SEO problems and facilitate active remediation. Quarterly organic traffic performance reviews focusing on top entry points, site engagement and opportunities for improvement.
  • GA Tracking - Google Analytics features and tracking reviewed quarterly for optimal utilization and data quality. We review data collection practices, tracking of website features, goals, filters, and other elements. Includes reporting with recommendations for improvement.
  • Platform - Quarterly testing against the 10 most-used platforms (browser/device combinations) for your three most popular templates. Side-by-side report for your site vs. global usage for comparison and trending purposes.
  • Performance - Page speed graded each quarter, identifying issues that affect SEO, usability, and general engagement (home page and three most-viewed pages).
  • Consulting - Active guidance to help your internal staff or a third-party vendor improve results and employ best practices.
  • User Engagement - In-depth quantitative analysis to understand and gain insights from site search usage, device usage and general page activity with respect to marketing goals. Semi-annual readout with recommendations.
  • User Experience - Qualitative analysis directly from users through audience survey, online user recordings and heat maps to stay in touch with their needs, understand what's working well, and identify areas where the user experience can be improved.

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