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Using analytics, data, and experience to drive success

Great websites are magical, but they aren't pulled out of thin air. They require careful strategies created with a thorough understanding of what you are doing right, what needs improvement, and most importantly, what your audience wants. That kind of strategy is what you get from Beacon. Whether you're trying to connect with potential students with your higher education site or apartment seekers via multi-family residential marketing, we do the homework, translating the data into information that will make sure you engage your audience with greater effectiveness.


Audience Experience Analysis

With our focus on digital marketing performance indicators like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics, you'll discover who your audience is, what they want, and how they are using your site.

  • Your Audience - Through focus groups with key stakeholders, comprehensive email surveys, and heatmaps showing navigation, see what users really think about your site and how they use it.
  • Your Competition - Get carefully considered recommendations based on research into your industry and competitors. 


Creative Design & Marketing Analysis

Make sure your site is easy to navigate and easy on the eye as our design team explores the visual experience and proposes web design ideas to up your visual appeal.

  • Your Brand - Explore your site's branding, messaging, imagery, and creative elements from the perspective of your audience, noting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your Information Architecture- Discover new structures and ways your site can function better with preliminary wireframes custom-built by Beacon's designers.  


Website Development & Technology Analysis

Look behind the curtain at the technology and development powering your site to ensure your audience can properly engage with your messaging and brand.

  • Your Current Site - By exploring your existing website, we identify unique features and issues that may affect the new design, especially with respect to ADA compliance, SEO best practices, third party links, and subsites.
  • Your Current Technology - It is essential to fully understand the technology behind your current website, like CMS configuration, technical tools, custom integrations, mobile-responsive templates, and much more.


Content Analysis

How are you delivering your key messaging to your audience? Take a look at the effectiveness of your content and get key recommendations on governance and best practices going forward.

  • Your Content - Get a detailed inventory and audit documenting the performance and effectiveness of your site's pages. 
  • Your Workflow - Take a deep dive into the processes involved in each stage of your content creation to identify issues and develop a plan for better governance. 

Site insights? Yeah, We've got 'em.

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