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Bringing you the best in website development, design, and digital marketing means making lasting partnerships with other industry leaders. That's why we're a design and development partner of Modern Campus (formerly OmniUpdate), developer of Modern Campus Omni CMS.

We work closely with Modern Campus during all phases of the project to meet your project goals and exceed your expectations. During a redesign project, we'll develop front-end code and functional requirements to ensure seamless integration into the CMS. Then we review your current CMS configuration to determine where we can improve your performance, ease of use, and functionality.

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Modern Campus Omni CMS Features

Modern Campus serves the needs of the higher education community exclusively and has a profound understanding of its needs and challenges. In the past two years alone, Modern Campus has completed the implementation of hundreds of higher education projects for colleges and universities large and small.


Features for Marketers

  • Publish to Social | Image Galleries | Forms | Multi-Channel Analytics


Features for Contributors

  • New Page Wizards | In-Context Editing | Image Editing | Gadgets | Drag & Drop | Tag Management | DirectEdit™ Links


Features for Content Approvers

  • Instant Publishing | Multi-Output Preview | Multi-Browser Preview | Versioning | Quality Checks


Features for Developers

  • Multi-Channel Output | Multi-Target Publish | Source Code Editing | APIs | WebDAV Integration


Features for Administrators

  • Custom Reports | Pre-Formatted HTML Snippets | Global Find & Replace | 11 Customizable User Levels | 5 User Permission Levels | Dependency Link Management | Template Assignment | Custom WYSIWYG Toolbars | Reusable Assets

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