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Choosing a CMS?

Over the last 15 years, ownership for website design and development has moved from the IT Department to the Marketing Department. Why? Because your website is the marketing centerpiece, constantly changing with the overarching marketing strategy. It’s driven by data analytics and c ustomer feedback to deliver your specific messaging to your target audiences. You choose a CMS as the tool to support your marketing strategy and implement your carefully crafted designs (not vice versa). Your CMS provides the necessary templates, security, features and controls to govern all this. Consequently, implementation into your CMS happens later in the development process, after the strategy is defined and all the graphical designs are complete. Of course, it’s important to select a CMS that is easy for your content managers to use, but also ensures that your graphical design mockups (desktop, mobile) can be implemented properly (and cost-effectively).

Why Proprietary CMS?

Quality Control. Security. Change Management. Performance. A proprietary CMS is a complete, enterprise solution, only accessible by you and your developers. No need to rely on third-party plugins or add-ons to enhance the look of your website - the premise of open source software. A good proprietary CMS is built to be flexible, secure, meet accessibility requirements and be configurable to your custom needs. Lastly and most importantly, large websites like yours, need internal controls to support workflow for content approval, maintain a base framework to ensure consistent presentation and the integrity of your brand, and facilitate best practices in change management.

Our Partners

We’ll cut to the chase here. For Beacon, the two most viable CMS’s for Higher Ed are OU Campus (OmniUpdate) and Cascade CMS (Hannon Hill). Both are incredibly similar in terms of technology and price. Beacon is a well-recognized partner of both. We don’t recommend one over the other, because each is very strong and we prefer that our clients review them (if desired) to make this decision. It just comes down to which one is preferred by your content managers.

Cascade CMS

Beacon is the longest standing and largest Cascade CMS partner. Our experience with Cascade means that you get a team that fully understands the product and how to make sure you benefit from all of its features. Beacon provides upfront strategy, discovery, content, design, HTML development, and CMS integration with Cascade CMS.



Beacon became a preferred partner of OmniUpdate’s OU Campus CMS in 2018. Beacon provides upfront strategy, discovery, content, design, and HTML development while working with OmniUpdate, for the implementation into OU Campus CMS.

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