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Did you know that—on average—organic search makes up 53% of a website's traffic? Here's another startling statistic: there are 3.5 billion searches done on Google every single day. If you want in on this wealth of traffic, you've got to make search engine optimization a key part of your digital marketing strategy. When you choose Beacon, you ensure that your website not only gets seen but provides top-notch user experiences that generate quality leads and conversions. 


Technical SEO

SEO requires experience and technical proficiency to shape pages for visibility in search engines. There's an art to creating SEO content, but an engineering mindset is required for the implementation.

  • Persistent SEO health management allows for the adjustment of canonical tags and the internal linking structure, maintenance of keyword maps, and leveraging of 3rd party tools like seoClarity.
  • Ongoing analysis of log files, search volume trends and search engine results page (SERP) appearance drive improvements and quality.
  • Rank zero/featured snippet optimizations are performed to attain authority and maximize positioning.

Content Creation

The goal of Google and other search engines is to provide the best possible content in response to a search. Your visibility is directly dependent on your content.

  • Keyword maps are created and managed to focus content on highly searched terms.
  • Landing pages are regularly reviewed and tuned to improve rankings and traffic.
  • Ongoing audits are performed to identify and remediate issues related to thin content, duplicates, content gaps and other issues that can negatively impact SEO performance.

Page Performance and User Experience

SEO is more than keywords and buzzwords. It's about creating the foundation for a good user experience. Your website will maintain visibility, accessibility, quality, and integrity, all supported by data and the latest best practices. We'll make certain that:

  • Your website displays well across devices and is easy to navigate.
  • Your users have clear calls to action and never have to guess what to do next.
  • Your pages are responsive and load quickly.

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