Paid Advertising Services

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Paid Advertising

Crafting carefully targeted ad campaigns that drive leads and increase revenue

delivering leads and value via a multi-faceted approach

Get the most out of your paid search and paid social budget with a team that brings together winning strategy, engaging ad copy, powerful data tracking, live reporting, and a collaborative mentality.

What's involved? A lot, but glad you asked!

  • Setup and Configuration - Ad copy creation, keyword build-out, location, ad schedule, and demographic targeting, dynamic ad creation, and budgeting.
  • Tracking Setup - Google Analytics integration and pixel tracking.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management - Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that cover budgeting, A/B testing, ad copy updates, fine-tuning geo-targeting and demographic targeting, custom and lookalike audience management, adding new keywords and removing unqualified terms to improve performance, and more.

Google Ads Management

Customers use Google to research, price shop, purchase, and interact with your competitors when they need your products and services. Good AdWords campaign strategy combines regular evaluation, informed changes, and constant testing to bring those customers to you.


Microsoft Ads Management

Sure, Google has 78% of the market share, but don't make the mistake of ignoring the other 22%. We often see that Microsoft Ads campaigns outperform Ads in terms of conversion rate and site engagement.


Remarketing and Display

Reach people who've already expressed interest in your brand or website! If someone views a particular product or abandons their shopping cart, you can continue to market to them even after they leave your site.


Paid Social

Social networks remain an effective way to reach users at the top of the marketing funnel. Paid social ads allow you to put your brand in front of potential customers as they gather information on a future purchasing decision. Depending on the network, we can target users based on interest, previous search history, job titles, keywords, industry, locations, demographics, and more.


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