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At Beacon, we believe a comprehensive, data-driven approach to digital marketing is essential. We start and end with data, using it to define and execute a holistic strategy that includes SEO, PPC (Paid Search) and other custom channel recommendations based on your business type and your core business goals. Since data is so important, a well setup Google Analytics is imperative. Therefore, during the strategy phase of your project we also take painstaking care to define KPIs and core marketing goals, determine data reporting needs, and define key stakeholders to ensure the data being collected in Google Analytics is the right data and is collected in a meaningful, long-lasting, and scalable way.

With Google Analytics supporting all marketing and business decisions, you'll never be in the dark about the success of your business and the digital marketing that supports it.

Longest standing Google partner

With over 350 Google Analytics installations under our belt and as one of the longest standing Google partners in the country, we know a thing or two about making Google Analytics work for you. 

Google Analytics

$5 for every $1

Managing paid search campaigns is a complex task. For this reason, the average advertiser only gets $2 for every $1 spent on PPC. However, Beacon's knowledgeable PPC team delivers $5 for every $1. 


Ensure your site follows Google best practices

Google changes its algorithm 400+ times a year. Beacon's SEO team ensures your site follows Google’s current best practices. Find out more about how our team can improve your SEO.


"You can't manage what you don't measure."
Annual Google Summit Badges

Google Certified Partner

Beacon is one of the longest-standing Google Analytics Certified Partners in the country.

This means that Google has given us the stamp of approval. And with 350+ Analytics installs under our belts, we've seen, analyzed, and fixed almost everything.

Let us setup your GA so that it works for your unique needs.

Wake Forest University Campus

We Practice What We Teach

As adjunct professors at the Wake Forest School of Business, we teach a master's course in digital analytics to student pursuing their Master of Science in Business Analytics.

By teaching the importance of digital data to students of today, we're strengthening the business leaders of tomorrow.

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