Creative Design

Brand integrity and your unique value proposition are at the heart of a creative design that captures your target audiences.

We understand that your website is the centerpiece of your college or university’s overall marketing strategy. So it’s important to get it right. But, there are a lot of key ingredients baked into a successful redesign. It must be on-brand and engaging. It must be friendly to devices, browsers and search engines. It must be intuitive for visitors and easy for you to update. It must meet accessibility guidelines. The recipe for success depends on stirring everything carefully. Beacon’s marketing and creative design resources are engaged from start to finish with heavily credentialed and passionate professionals.

“People ignore design that ignores people.”
–Frank Chimero

What We Do

We EMBRACE Your Brand

  • Brand Identity & Guidelines (personality, unique value proposition)
  • Photography (style and composition)
  • Collateral & Messaging (slogans, taglines, flavor)
  • Competitor Sites (likes/dislikes)
  • Visitor Scenarios

We COLLABORATE on Creative Designs

Beacon plans for collaborative design cycles with you to arrive at a new design that meets your goals, effectively represents
your brand and makes you proud. We always assume a standard responsive design (phone, desktop).

  • Wireframes
  • Mobile First Strategy
  • Responsive
  • UI components
  • Web Style Guides
  • Creative Graphical Mockups for Every Template
  • Design & Review Cycles (collaborative results)
  • Online Link for Reviewing, Presenting, and Commenting on Mockups

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