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Case Study: Furniture Company Increases Engagement Through Conversion Optimization

August 11, 2015

Challenge:  Landing pages containing conversion points should be tested periodically to make sure they are as efficient as possible. Small things like color, placement, or image size can make a surprisingly large difference in engagement levels and conversion rates. The client wanted to test their catalog request landing page since users who requested a catalog proved to be 70% more likely to purchase.

Case Study: Atypical Tracking Solutions Provide Detailed, Advanced Conversion Metrics

July 30, 2015

Challenge: Our client needed more data on assisted conversions created by pay-per-click and other advertising campaigns. They needed to know how many conversions were influenced by these campaigns, not just based on the final visit, which is where Google Analytics attributes the goal. The data being provided by GA for assisted conversions appeared to be low and our client needed accurate conversion metrics to make informed business decisions.

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