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Want to improve your SEO or PPC results? Need to validate your Google Analytics tracking? Want to learn how to make your Higher Ed website more effective? Frustrated with the number of leads or sales your website is producing? Beacon's FREE audits can help.

Beacon's comprehensive website audit provide valuable feedback that you can use immediately. These are NOT automated reports! Each audit is performed by a real design and/or marketing expert who rates several specific areas and provides solid, actionable insights to put you back on the road to growth. 


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What we evaluate


Evaluate how well your site supports the needs of web users with disabilities. At a glance, we will look at the visual design, page content, PDFs, forms, and utilization of keyboard controls across your web application following global web accessibility standards.

Content Strategy

Ensure that you have useful and usable content that is well structured, and easy to find. We will review your main landing and interior pages to evaluate how effective your content strategy is in meeting user expectations and fulfilling your organizational goals.


Determine how well your current site meets modern website design trends, effectively uses photography, and incorporates eye-catching calls-to-action to help your audience navigate the site.

User Experience

Pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of your website. Our experts take a deeper look at your sites mobile experience, navigation, and site search based on web standards and best practices to ultimately improve conversions.

Google Analytics

Confirm data accuracy. Gain valuable insights. Get tracking recommendations. Make your business more profitable by using Google Analytics to its fullest potential.


Google changes its search algorithm frequently. Does your site follow Google's current best practices? What enhancements could improve your SEO?


The average advertiser earns $2 for every $1 spent on PPC. Beacon gets $5 for every $1. Discover the opportunities your current PPC manager is missing.

Social Media

Assess your social media profiles and strategies to determine whether or not you are hitting established goals. Get recommendations that optimize performance and enhance your online presence.

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After the completion of your audit, you can expect:

  • A full report that covers all of your hits and misses.
  • The opportunity to review your audit results with one of our strategists.
  • Actionable feedback to help you fix problems and get better results.

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164 Thatcher Road, Greensboro, NC 27409
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