RFPs Questions We Always Ask

It is nearly impossible to provide a complete, high-quality response to Higher Ed Website Design & Development RFPs without getting answers to the following questions. 

1. Sizing: How many sites, pages, forms and templates do you anticipate being within the scope of this project? Please list all main site URLs, forms and templates (as best you can).

2. CMS: What CMS are you using and would you be open to using?

3. Hosting:  Who will be providing hosting for the new website? Where is your current website hosted?

4. Content:  Will you or the vendor be responsible for migrating the existing content into the new site?

5. Integrations:  Are there any third party integrations which may be included in this project? If so, please list and briefly describe each.

6. Strategy:  Would you like to include user surveys and or focus groups in your analysis to inform design and content strategy? If so, how many of each and what groups do you anticipate including within these surveys/groups (i.e. faculty, staff, students, prospective students, etc.)?

7. Design:  Please identify 5 web sites that you like, specifying elements from each that stand out. This helps us understand the level of creativity (visual, technical) that you seek.

8. Creative:  AAre there any re-branding efforts in progress or is your brand stable with documented brand guidelines that you can provide? Can you also provide other collateral, such as print materials that represents your brand? Is imagery available that clearly supports the brand and its mission, or are you planning to update imagery as needed with our creative direction to stay on-brand? Define specifically how many creative design mock-ups will need to be provided (typically desktop & mobile versions for home, landing and interior pages).

9. Google Analytics & SEO:  What are your expectations for Google Analytics & SEO in terms of consulting and migration to the new site? Upgrade to Universal? Maintain reporting & SEO continuity? Desired improvements?

10. Competition:  How many firms have received this RFP? Who is your current vendor and were they included?

11. Budget:  What is the budget for this project?

12. Decision-Making:  How will deliverables, especially designs, be approved prior to development (committees, departments, administration)?

13. Browsers:  Do you have any special browser or device requirements, beyond our standard targets defined below?

  • Desktops:  IE 10, IE 11, Microsoft Edge, Safari 9 on Mac and the most recent version of Google Chrome and Firefox.  Content will be accessible in IE9 and earlier versions; however, the design may not completely match these unsupported browsers.  IE Compatibility mode will not be supported.
  • Tablets:  iPad Air with iOS9 (Safari Browser) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Screen Size 7”) with Android 5.0 “Lollipop” (Chrome Browser).
  • Smartphones:  Apple iPhone 6 with iOS9 (Safari Browser) and Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 5.0 “Lollipop” (Chrome Browser).
  • During development, every effort is made to maintain design details for all devices. However, due to the wide variety of screen sizes and the fluidity of a responsive design, any screen size below the max width (typically 1280px) cannot be guaranteed to have exact pixel perfect accuracy once implemented across all devices.
  • Tablet and phone devices will only be addressed for Customers with responsive design, or mobile-specific engagements.