Creating Winning RFPs

Beacon has participated in hundreds of web design and development RFPs with colleges, universities, government agencies and various other businesses. We've seen 2-page RFPs and 100+ page RFPs. Regardless, every RFP is written with expectations relative to design, quality, delivery date and budget. Here are some insights that might be helpful in setting these expectations internally as well as for responding firms.

5 Critical Components

Responding to an RFP is incredibly time consuming for vendors, so be considerate of their time by providing firm and sufficient information. The RFP should allow vendors...

10 Valuable Considerations

Before you grab an old RFP template and begin the arduous process of creating an RFP for the redesign of your college or university website, here are some things to consider...

13 Common Questions

It is nearly impossible to provide a complete, high-quality response to Higher Ed Website Design & Development RFPs without getting answers to the following questions...

Budgeting & Pricing

“How much will it cost to build my website?” This is probably the top question we’ve heard over the nearly 2 decades we’ve provided web design and development services. The question is similar to...

5 Factors of a Strong Development Team

At Beacon, we like to think of ourselves as a “partner”, rather than a vendor. Finding a partner with “Brains, Beauty & Brawn” is not easy, but we like to think we are. You are embarking...

Complete RFP Checklist

Here's your complete RFP checklist from soup to nuts. It covers administrative information as well as evaluation and award factors, scope of work, specifications, submittal requirements and more.


The RFP process can be arduous but, if done well, will lead to better proposals and culminate in a successful project. We've prepared The Complete RFP Guide for Higher Ed Website Design and Development Projects to help you manage the process skillfully and efficiently. Feel free to use this guide or contact the Beacon team with any questions.

Good Luck with your next project!

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