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Complete RFP Checklist for Website Redesign

I.  General Information & Overview
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Current Challenges
  • College/University Background
  • Current Site Inventory/Overview (accounts, CMS, technology, #pages, #domains, calendars, #forms, #videos, special features, Google Analytics)
  • Model Sites (sites you like)

II.  Administrative Information

  • Contact
  • Means of Communication
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Confidential/Proprietary Information
  • Target Schedule
  • RFP released
  • Deadline for Questions/Clarifications
  • Questions answered by
  • RFP submission deadline
  • Proposals Reviewed
  • Finalists notified
  • Finalist interviews
  • Finalist selected (award date)
  • Project Kickoff
  • Launch Date

III.  Evaluation & Award Factors (in order of importance)

  • Qualifications, Experience and References (personnel, demonstrated ability to deliver, relationship fit, project management)
  • Portfolio Review (creative design, project size, SEO experience, experience with Cascade CMS or general CMS, industry experience – Education/Government/Municipality)
  • Response to Scope of Work, Vision & Strategy
  • Miscellaneous (completeness, promptness, professionalism, ADA compliance, etc.)
  • Finalist Presentation
  • Cost

IV.  Scope of Work & Specifications

  • Project Management Overview.  Include handling of Reporting, Meetings, and Deliverables.
  • Strategy
  • User Experience Analysis – Feedback from users (Surveys, Focus Groups, User Testing)
  • User Engagement Analysis - What does current data reveal about audiences, geography, devices, marketing channels, site usage, seasons, SEO practices, etc.?
  • Creative/Brand Integration Analysis – How will brand integrity be maintained or enhanced?
  • Competitor Analysis – What are your competitors doing well, poorly?
  • Technical Analysis – Review CMS and integration points for technical complexities.
  • Deliverable:  Strategic Plan containing requirements, content migration strategy, style guide, initial high-level wireframes, initial high-level content site map, SEO and Google Analytics strategy, supporting details from analyses
  • Design
  • Include number of expected design/review iterations
  • Deliverables:  Final Content Site Map, Wireframes and/or Graphical Mockups for specific templates (Home, Landing, Interior, etc.) for mobile and desktop
  • Development
  • Technical Documentation
  • Google Analytics Development
  • HTML Development for templates (provide list, i.e. Home, Landing, Interior, News, Calendar, Faculty listing, etc.)
  • Cascade CMS Development for specified templates
  • Testing: Includes validation/testing of SEO & Google Analytics continuity
  • Launch
  • Post Launch:  Production validation (sanity checks), including SEO and GA integrity.  Consider 30 and 90-day status reports from Google Analytics.
  • Content
  • Content Import (from existing website, specify websites)
  • Content Integration (into new website)
  • Copywriting (in expected from vendor, but recommend this be done internally)
  • Training

V.  Submittal Requirements

  • General Instructions (Receipt of Proposals, dates)
  • Cover Letter
  • Intro/Executive Summary
  • Qualifications
  • History
  • Key Staff & their experience
  • Project Management (availability, budget management, quality, etc.)
  • Approach/Process
  • High-level Timeline/Project Plan
  • Subcontractors
  • Address Scope of Work
  • Sample Work / Portfolio of Related work
  • References – At least 3
  • Pricing Proposal
  • Required Scope:  Phases, descriptions of tasks, activities and deliverables. 
  • Optional Features & Services (i.e. Hosting, recommended upgrades, etc.)
  • Post-Implementation Support Description of tasks, activities and deliverables.

VI.  Vendor Signature Forms

VII.  Other Requirements & Attachments (Special Provisions, Certifications, Legal Stuff)


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