Want to attract more students and improve engagement? Almost all Higher Ed websites focus on showcasing their campus, promoting the college experience, and providing lots of information. However, the good ones also focus their energy on reaching the right students, growing qualified traffic, and engaging visitors.

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Drive More Applications

When students demonstrate serious interest by visiting the Admissions section of your website, keep your brand in front of them after they leave. Remarket to them through display ads in other digital channels (YouTube, CNN, etc) and make sure you take advantage of low-cost branded paid search ads.

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Engage Students Better

There is a river of data flowing under your website. Upgrade Google Analytics so your institution can make data-driven decisions to more effectively engage students and increase enrollment. 

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Apply SEO Best Practices

Use the most current SEO tactics to deliver better site search results and rank higher in the search engines. Attract and retain more students at a national level or in specific geographic area by delivering a better user experience and having better targeting.

Wake Forest University School of Business

As adjunct professors at the Wake Forest School of Business, we teach a master's course in digital analytics to student pursuing their Master of Science in Business Analytics. By teaching the importance of digital data to students of today, we're strengthening the business leaders of tomorrow.

Google Partner

Beacon is one of the longest-standing Google Analytics Certified Partners in the country. This means that Google has given us the stamp of approval. And with 350+ Analytics installs under our belts, we've seen, analyzed, and fixed almost everything.

Let us setup your GA so that it works for your school's unique needs.

Still have questions? Beacon is one of the premier digital marketing forms for Higher Ed and we’d love the opportunity to show you why. Contact us and we'll be in touch soon!

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