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Beacon Bingo

Eat. Play. Win!

It's Beacon Bingo Palooza! This fun, interactive panel discussion will definitely bring energy to the end of your day and get you warmed up for the Cassies! Win prizes! Enjoy some North Carolina style refreshments. Learn and laugh with your CUC friends as we put a unique spin on BINGO while covering today’s hottest web topics from both a technology and Higher Ed perspective.

Our Panelists

  • Tracy Dirks, SVP & CPO – Web Design & Development (Beacon)
  • Keana Lynch, Director of UX Design & Development (Beacon)
  • Andrea Cole, Director of Digital Marketing Services (Beacon)
  • Kayla Pierson, Designer & User Experience Specialist (University of Montana)
  • Alvin Chao, Web Services Manager (James Madison University)

When: Wednesday at 3:30

Where: Paul Duke Room

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