Knowledge is Power

The beauty of Google Analytics is that data is stored and managed much like a Rubik’s cube, but with more dimensions. You can quickly view data from many different angles with a twist of a row, or a click of the mouse. The trick is figuring out how to turn the data into insights that help drive better decisions.

Higher Education websites are large and have many content owners. This scenario can quickly lead to Google Analytics tracking problems if not planned and managed properly. Luckily, the team of Google Analytics professionals at Beacon is well acquainted with these challenges.

Account Structure

When we partner with Higher Ed institutions, the Google Analytics account structure and tracking strategy are carefully planned. Our team is familiar with the proper solutions needed to ensure that various content owners have access to the appropriate amount of data. At the same time, those in charge of the overall website data also have their proper reporting, too.

Audience Segmentation

There's no sense in measuring goals and trends for all traffic. Some visitors are prospective students, while others are current students, alumni, and faculty/staff. But Beacon can help improve your analytics tracking to allow for audience-specific reporting! This gives you the ability to understand the journey of each audience type and how to best serve those visitors.

Increase enrollment with GAFUSION

G A FusionIf anyone at your institution has desired more details on the relationship between your website and admissions/enrollment activity, we can help provide the answers. Our proprietary GAFUSION product connects online and offline data. The objective is to provide valuable insights for the Admission Department and better understand marketing for students who:

  • Do not apply
  • Apply and are not accepted
  • Apply and are accepted

With the power of GAFUSION's data, you can make data-driven design and marketing decisions that increase enrollment.