Beacon’s expertise in web development predates the emergence of content management systems (CMS) as a reliable solution. In 1998, we relied on pure content development and system integration processes to build out custom websites.

As content management software matured, Beacon performed an extensive study of several CMS products in 2004-2005 which led to 2 finalists: Ektron and PublishXML (which has evolved into Cascade CMS). Both are proprietary systems, developed well before open-source products like WordPress, Drupal and others were available.

Over the last 20 years, Beacon has worked with many different CMS platforms, both proprietary and open source. While open source is viable for blogs and small, low-budget websites, we are very strong advocates of proprietary content management systems for colleges, universities, and businesses.

Why Proprietary CMS?

A proprietary CMS is a complete, enterprise solution, only accessible by you and your developers. No need to rely on third-party plugins or add-ons to enhance the look of your website - the premise of open source software. A good proprietary CMS is built to be flexible, secure, meet accessibility requirements and be configurable to your custom needs (versus relying on a collection of plug-ins built by a cast of unknown programmers for unknown requirements). Lastly and most importantly, large websites like yours, need internal controls to support workflow for content approval, maintain a base framework to ensure consistent presentation and the integrity of your brand, and facilitate best practices in change management (separate development, testing and production environments).

best websites continuously evolve and change. A proprietary CMS allows for changes to flow from development (for developers) through testing (for stakeholders) and into production (or end users), avoiding the risk of applying changes directly to your production site. These are a few of the primary reasons that Beacon works almost exclusively with proprietary content management systems.

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