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Cascade CMS Support

As Hannon Hill’s #1 design, development, and implementation partner since 2006, Beacon has implemented Cascade CMS for over 90 clients including Lees-McRae College, Hawaiʻi Pacific University, The Carter Center, California State University East Bay, University of Wyoming, and many others.

When you partner with Beacon using Cascade CMS, you'll get a design and development team that fully understands the product and how to make sure your organization benefits from all of its features.   

  • Scalable architecture
  • A powerful feature set
  • Flexibility and ease of template management
  • Content contributor-friendly interface
  • Robust multi-site management
  • Accessibility compliance
  • SEO friendliness
  • Digital marketing support capabilities
  • Web hosting

Our goal is to work with you to deliver a website that not only conveys your message and engages your target audience but is also easy to use, easy to manage, and governs the structure of your site to protect your brand. Although Beacon has experience in many other CMS products, Cascade CMS is heavily recommended because of its quality, flexibility, and continuous evolution. 

Beacon's Cascade Support Services

Our Cascade Support Plan offers you the convenience and support for web enhancements that you don’t have the time, internal resources, or expertise to complete. Beacon's prepaid “bucket of hours” service plan allows you to bring in industry experts when you need them at a very reasonable rate. Much like a debit card, the hours are deducted from the bucket as they are used – and we never start the work until we’ve received your go ahead.

With every Cascade Support Services project you will get:

  • A dedicated Project Manager
  • Experienced developers and digital marketing specialists
  • Constant communication as to the status of your request(s)
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have support within reach whenever you need it

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