BeCommerce is Beacon's software product for custom-built online stores.

It was developed in-house by our software and database experts specifically to wrap marketing-friendly content management around a sturdy ecommerce platform that easily connects to your existing systems.

BeCommerce is NOT a standalone online store where you manage your products, inventory, orders, ordering, fulfillment, etc. BeCommerce is for businesses that already perform these functions and simply need a web front-end to to their existing systems that also markets their products effectively. If you are happy with the technology that manages your products, inventory and orders, don't replace it. Consider BeCommerce.

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No Licensing Fees

Sharepoint, SiteCore and other CMS options have exorbitant licensing fees. With BeCommerce, there is no licensing. You own a copy of the source.

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Flexible Framework

Sharepoint, SiteCore and other CMS options have inflexible user interface design capabilities. With BeCommerce, the base product framework can be quickly and easily customized.

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SEO Friendly

Sharepoint, SiteCore and other CMS options are not SEO or mobile friendly. With BeCommerce, you get a mobile friendly and SEO friendly design.


Most off-the-shelf ecommerce software products struggle with content management, which is a major frustration point for many users. So we wrapped Cascade CMS around our BeCommerce platform to provide extensive marketing flexibility to the online store and significantly improve SEO-friendliness.

This very flexible, easy-to-use architecture allows richer, more timely marketing directly on the storefront. The underlying ecommerce platform easily plugs into your existing systems to download orders, upload products and upload order status. It functions as a "web layer" over your current infrastructure, minimizing online management of your products and orders.


BeCommerce has handled hundreds of thousands of products and processed hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers over the last 12 years. If you don’t want an ''off-the-shelf'' solution, BeCommerce may be the software option that you are looking for.

  • No licensing. You own a copy of the source.
  • Base product framework can be quickly customized.
  • Easily connects with your 3rd party and back office systems.
  • Serves both retail and wholesale businesses.
  • Built for small and large product offerings.
  • SEO Friendly.
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