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The University of North Georgia is a University System of Georgia leadership institution with more than 15,000 students, which makes it the 6th largest public university in the state.

Beacon performed a responsive design and development project for the University of North Georgia.  This was a 3 part project that included

  • An extensive analysis phase which comprised onsite visits with client for stakeholder interviews and surveys, and the delivery of analysis phase documents,
  • A massive design phase that involved several client meetings and rounds of revisions, ultimately producing more than 50 graphical mockups,
  • An HTML development phase with a tight deadline that converted the mockups into templates.  This included compliance testing. 
  • Client implemented the design and HTML files into Cascade Server
  • Cool features include
    • Unique and modern logo and top nav treatment
    • Audience-focused hover state over banner image
    • “Flip” boxes that expose more content without changing the page
    • Editable text “call out” areas
    • Sortable table of majors with campus icons
    • Step-by-step application process grid
  • UNG logo 2
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