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The Princeton Review is one of the leading test preparation and college admission services companies in the country.

Since 2008, The Princeton Review has tapped Beacon’s Google Analytics and digital marketing expertise to consult on, develop and execute a strategy for their very unique and competitive industry.

    • Digital Marketing Services - Paid Search

      Extensive PPC Management - Multiple User Interfaces

      Beginning in 2008 Beacon managed The Princeton Review's Google AdWords account containing over 15 campaigns with text ads for branded and non-branded test prep traffic. After seeing huge growth year over year for the first few years of management, including one year with 112% growth, Beacon began adding new campaigns and strategies to reach un-tapped audiences.

      Beacon leveraged display and text Remarketing ads to target previous visitors to the site and saw 3x the paid search revenue. Beacon also managed paid search on the Bing Ads platform, Facebook Ads and Twitter Promoted posts. Not only did Beacon manage paid search spend, but also provided comprehensive reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with weekly status calls with the client to talk strategy and promotion.

    • Digital Marketing Services - Google Analytics

      Highly-Customized Analytics to Better Understand Audience Behavior

      The initial Google Analytics custom setup was a huge undertaking to effectively and accurately measure results against documented business objectives. The Princeton Review engaged Beacon to implement a highly-customized Analytics installation with advanced funnel visualization, custom variables to segment audiences and thorough code written for and delivered to the clients developers.

      The customized installation also uses advanced ecommerce tracking, content experiments to perform A/B tests and virtual pageviews to track progressions through defined areas within goals/funnels. Lastly, The Princeton Review benefited from robust reporting from event monitoring when traffic or conversions drop or increase dramatically to detailed annotations in the account to note development or code changes, promotions and important website design updates over time.

      Digital Marketing Services - Google Analytics
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