Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

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The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) is the state government agency responsible for library services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Consisting primarily of librarians and academics, the board is charged with improving the state’s library system and providing all residents of the Commonwealth with equal access to information resources.


Beacon has a long-term, 10+year partnership with MBLC after winning a competitive RFP to provide hosting and Cascade Server CMS support. So when it came time to update their site’s look and functionality, MBLC naturally looked to Beacon as a trusted partner.

The Beacon team worked with a 3rd party to create a responsive design with a more contemporary look and feel. The homepage design was modified to emphasize visual elements, giving it considerably more punch. Navigation was simplified through use of a feature slider and color accents based on page type, making the site clear and concise in its presentation.

This project also included HTML, Velocity and Cascade development as well as repeated testing for responsiveness to a wide range of mobile devices.

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