Eastern Connecticut State University

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Project Goals

Modern, image-focused, artistic design highlighting the school's unique attributes and branding

Constrained by the capabilities of their legacy website and CMS (content management system), Eastern Connecticut looked to Beacon to help create a brand new site with cutting-edge functionality, a fresh design, and intuitive user navigation. Throughout the two-phase, two-and-a-half-year development process, our team worked hand-in-hand with the school's stakeholders to answer questions, troubleshoot solutions, and, ultimately, deliver a site that exceeded expectations. The partnership worked so well that Eastern Connecticut decided to extend our relationship by engaging Beacon's web hosting services.

Outcomes Achieved

  • A tasteful, artistic website skin featuring creative design elements, such as paintbrush stroke-themed navigation bar and impact areas, "hand-drawn" arrows always pointing East, and crayon-sketched borders around social media buttons
  • Clean, intuitive navigation concept informed by minimalist, top-level options, with a hamburger menu expanding to offer more choices and audience-based content
  • Landing pages with revamped content developed to match the unique construction and features of each individual page
  • A beautiful homepage designed to showcase stunning visual elements and geared to meet prospective students' information needs
  • A great mobile experience supported by ultra-fast page load times, achieved with a mobile-first development focus

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