D.H. Griffin

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Project Goals

Site Redesigns Create Better User Experience For Customers and Aligns Branding Across Multiple Sectors of the Business

Since the early 2000s, Beacon has worked closely with demolition contractor and construction services company D.H. Griffin, providing website redesigns as well as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, and paid per click (PPC) services.

We work with all the companies in the D.H. Griffin family, including D.H. Griffin Used, D.H. Griffin DARI (Disaster Restoration Services), D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, and D.H. Griffin Wrecking. We continue to work them on a variety of tie enhancements digital marketing projects, ensuring that D.H. Griffin's sites utilize the latest web design principles and marketing trends, and deliver an intuitive and satisfying experience for their customers. 

Outcomes Achieved

  • A full redesign of the D.H. Griffin website in the Cascade Content Management System, including an overhaul of the navigation structure to support more content and imagery.
  • The “Used Equipment” section converted to .NET, which allows D.H. Griffin to resell  equipment salvaged from  demolition jobs.
  • Branding aligned across all company site.
  • Updated content and improved CTAs.
  • Improved conversion rates through PPC campaigns. 

Services: Google Analytics | Design | Development

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