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Project Goals

Digital Marketing Helps Family Business Compete and Reach New Customers

Dale Pro Audio partnered with Beacon for a series of projects from 2012 through 2016 to modernize their website and better convey their decades of experience and reputation for service to new customers. After those projects were completed, Dale Pro Audio continued working with Beacon's digital marketing team to increase traffic and drive sales.

Utilizing Google Analytics data, Beacon's paid advertising experts set up and maintained campaigns targeting key demographics along with strategic search terms. We utilized search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to bolster placement in online searches, significantly increasing organic traffic. Meanwhile, a custom performance dashboard was built to monitor and optimize all performances.

These digital marketing efforts resulted in significant increases to site traffic and conversions for Dale Pro Audio, helping this decades-old family business remain competitive and profitable into the twenty-first century.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Set up and maintained digital ad campaigns targeting key demographics. 
  • Developed original content to engage audiences and draw awareness to key products and services.
  • Conducted frequent audits to ensure site health and effectiveness.
  • Utilized SEO best practices (such as canonical tagging and link maintenance) to ensure strong placement in online searches. 


Services: Content | Digital Marketing Strategy | Google Analytics | SEO | Paid Advertising

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