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Project Goals

Revitalized site presents opportunity to display cutting edge design and better serve students

In 2019, the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) made a plan to revamp the school's website. The goal: to develop a site that would serve as a strategic marketing platform for the school's many, diverse audiences. The new site would utilize engaging and responsive design, incorporate the latest technology and web trends, and create a seamless user experience from landing on the site to applying to enrolling.

CSM had big expectations for their new site. Fortunately, Beacon was more than up to the task.

Over the ensuing year, Beacon's designers, developers, project managers, and marketing experts collaborated with CSM to build and launch a site that would meet CSM's lofty goals. The project incorporated elements from all of Beacon's service areas: strategy, content, design, web development, and digital marketing all came together for the site's launch in 2021.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Incorporated modern and eye-catching design elements, including an animated yellow pathway guiding users to different sections of the homepage.
  • New, responsive site built in the Cascade CMS, allowing for convenient maintenance and updates from CSM.
  • Provided essential SEO optimization recommendations and web marketing services to bring the site to the largest possible audience.
  • Utilized BugHerd to test the site for issues and address them efficiently.
  • Took over web hosting for CSM and set up their SSL.

Services: Strategy | Design | Development

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