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Project Goals

A project to build an innovative eCommerce site evolves into an ongoing digital marketing partnership

Since their professional relationship began in 2005, Beacon has been integral in helping Bassett Furniture expand from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer into a major player in the eCommerce space. The partnership began with the creation of a customer-focused website and carried on with updates and tweaks that helped customers feel confident shop for furniture online.

Today, Beacon's partnership with Bassett primarily focuses on digital marketing to ensure that the retailer is able to reach engaged and interested customers online. This has taken the form of numerous on-site enhancements as well as continual work focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and data analysis.

One key task was integrating customer reviews on the site. Beyond just the actual review aggregation, this project brought additional challenges considering Bassett's vast Corporate and Licensee store network that needed reviews and star ratings displayed individually.

Fortunately, Beacon was able to work closely with our partners at Bassett to generate a custom development solution that worked for both the client’s back-end system and digital marketing needs. By adding advanced Google Analytics tracking to the reviews, we were also able to quantify the results. Review interaction increased conversion rates by 500%.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Development, maintenance, and updating of a user-friendly site allowing Bassett to compete in the eCommerce arena.
  • Creation of custom site apps based around key topics including "Rooms We Love" and "Fabrics We Love."
  • Implementation of eCommerce by geography system, in which an admin function assigns orders directly to stores.
  • Setup and utilization of Google Analytics tracking optimize digital marketing results and boosts traffic and conversions.
  • Deployment of SEO content and technical best practices increases on-site organic traffic and bolsters Bassett brand awareness.
  • Strategic usage of paid advertising (pay-per-click ads and paid social) ensures the Basset site and products reach interested, motivated, and qualified consumers, delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).

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