Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Get fast and personalized service managing your IT infrastructure 

Beacon IT Services (BITS) brings a one-of-a-kind experience to its customers. Want the unmatched technical expertise of a tech giant without sacrificing the personal touch? Tired of impersonal call centers and support from technicians you'll never hear from again? Call BITS!

The BITS team brings you the quality tech solutions you need and the speedy, one-on-one support only a local partner can provide.

Managed IT Services

Our continuous, 24/7 monitoring assures little to no downtime and prevents catastrophic and costly failures. Easily scalable, our services provide maximum flexibility and give you the freedom to grow your business at its own natural pace.

Cloud IT Services

Our cloud IT solutions allow us to secure your network, scale your server capabilities at a moment's notice, protect and backup your network data, and provide optimized licensing for your email and Microsoft 365 applications.

Security and Threat Protection

Our security solutions are based on multiple layers of protection. We lay a strong foundation with a robust perimeter defense—achieved with a fully customized firewall, active network management, and regular network inspections.

Data Protection and Backup

How quickly you are able to regain access to lost data directly impacts your bottom line. Our goal is to provide cost-effective data protection and backup services that make data restoration quick and easy if the worst happens.

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