Higher Ed Web Consulting

Higher Education Web Consulting

What is BeaconU? BeaconU: A new way of looking at web services for Colleges and Universities

After 20 years of experience in Higher Ed web consulting, we have created 8 unique Website Management Programs in an innovative format that “speaks your language”.

Each program includes required and elective services that deliver the knowledge, support and results that every college and university needs in order to compete effectively in today’s online marketplace. These services are led by recognized industry experts and are aligned with the Higher Ed calendar (semester) concept.

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Website Health Management Program

This Program is designed for colleges and universities that want to regularly monitor and maintain wellness for their website in terms of ADA Compliance, SEO, Google Analytics Tracking, Device & Browser Compatibility, Page Performance, User Engagement, and User Experience. This Higher Ed web consulting program keeps you ahead of legal issues related to accessibility, tuned for SEO best practices, assured of the quality of your analytics data and confident that the user experience accentuates your brand.

Upon successful implementation of this Higher Ed web consulting program, Colleges & Universities will:

  • Benefit from "Proactive Monitoring" for peak website performance
  • Maintain ADA Compliance to help avoid legal issues
  • Increase admissions applications and enrollment opportunities
  • Continuously optimize the visibility of academic programs and key differentiators
  • Reach and engage the right prospective students consistently and more effectively
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