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On November 11, 2013 Beacon Technologies is sponsoring a candy jar guessing game benefiting The United Way of Greater Greensboro. Each day Beacon will post a picture of a new jar of candy or other fun items that contestants can then guess how many items are contained within. Each day the contestant whose guess is closest to the actual number will win a gift card. Gift cards will vary each day. If a contestant guesses the correct amount, Beacon Technologies will donate $100 to United Way. Below are the official rules.

Official Rules

  • 1 guess per person via Facebook comments ONLY.  Guesses provided via any other method will not be accepted.
  • If you guess multiple times, the first one submitted will count and all others will be disregarded.
  • Closest to the correct number WINS the same gift card that is inside the jar.  (doesn’t matter if you are over or under).  No exchanges are allowed.  No other prizes will be awarded.  All decisions will be made by Beacon at its full discretion and all decisions are final.  In case of a tie for the winning guess, the guess comment that was submitted first will be deemed the winner. (times will be based on comment timestamp)
  • You may guess until midnight each day.  Any guesses after midnight will not be accepted.


  • Winners will be announced the following business morning via Facebook.
  • Beacon will arrange for the gift card to be sent to the winning participant either in-person or by mail depending on location.