Deb Paylor

New WordPress Website Launch: Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Beacon is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new WordPress site for Matthews Specialty Vehicles. The new site features new imagery and a responsive design that works well on tablet and mobile devices. Here is the old site: And here is the new site: Visit the live site here. If you are looking [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Mobile Usability Fix for WordPress Sites

Have you gotten the dreaded message in Webmaster Tools that you need to fix the mobile usability issues affecting your site? You have blah blah pages with errors. You know, this one..   Yea, me too. Since we all know Google cares if our sites are mobile friendly (i.e look good and easy to use on [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

How to Pull WordPress Posts into External Website

I’m sure there are many ways to pull WordPress posts into an external website but here I would like to offer up a simple custom XML solution. No matter what back-end/server-side technology being used (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby, Perl etc.) on the non-WordPress site, most will offer up a way to parse external XML.

Zedric Myers

WordPress Lightbox Conflicts and Solutions

Recently we developed a custom WordPress site for a client that has an integrated lightbox image gallery. It was an easy plugin installation and activation process. The next step was to add in the images to the media library and then call the shortcode inside the code dialog in the specified page. Everything looked great [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

WordPress Theme Development with Artisteer

We recently picked up a fantastic piece of software for designing WordPress themes called Artisteer. While this software doesn’t give you complete control over the content, its great for throwing a general layout which can be finely tuned after it is exported. Artisteer features an easy to use ‘Microsoft Office’-styled interface that generates your layout [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

10 Great WordPress Plugins for Businesses

If your business uses WordPress for blogging or as a content management system, there are some great plugins out there to make life easier. Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins that I love. 1. Headspace 2 – HeadSpace manages meta data and other SEO functions. It allows you to tag your posts, create custom [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Free WordPress Theme: Light Graffiti

We did a quick theme we think you'll enjoy inspired by a hot new trend in photography, light graffiti, check it out!