6 06, 2013

How to Override the Max Width of Twitters Embeddable Timeline Widget

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According to twitters instructions the embeddable timeline widget has a maximum width of 520px. If you need your widget to be wider than 520px you will not be able to use the width attribute. If you need it wider you’ll need to override the max width using the following CSS (change width accordingly):

11 04, 2012

How to add a Weather Channel widget or module to your website

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UPDATE: This post has been updated with new information and current procedures. For the latest instructions on adding Weather Channel widgets, CLICK HERE.

There are some great widgets and add-ons to get up-to-date information on your website. If you ever need a weather widget displayed on your site, www.weather.com offers a nice version. You can get a weather widget without signing up that has your basic options, such as standard or metric, orientation, and a preset theme image. You can also sign-up for free and get a profile and more customized module to better fit what you may be looking for. It allows you to save multiple modules for easy updating. The customizations include, size, background, color, weather data and more.

Click here to get the version without signing up Click here to sign-up and get the more customized version

16 12, 2009

Free WordPress Theme: Light Graffiti

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We did a quick theme we think you’ll enjoy inspired by a hot new trend in photography, light graffiti, check it out!

 Light Graffiti WordPress Theme

Light Graffiti - WordPress Theme by Beacon Technologies, Inc