web developement

Zedric Myers

WordPress Lightbox Conflicts and Solutions

Recently we developed a custom WordPress site for a client that has an integrated lightbox image gallery. It was an easy plugin installation and activation process. The next step was to add in the images to the media library and then call the shortcode inside the code dialog in the specified page. Everything looked great [...] read more »

John Wallwork

Notes from the field.

I attended a Webinar hosted by Vortx recently and had a chance to learn a few things that can affect conversions of shoppers. 1. 75% of shoppers use the search box to find products. They pointed out that the top 10 e-tailers all have the same style search box: a long narrow search box prominently [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Firefox’s Site Identity Button

A client recently asked me why their e-commerce site displayed the message “This site does not provide identifying information” when clicking on or mousing over the “site identity” button in the address bar in Firefox. Location of site identity button in Firefox Message displayed after clicking on site identity button (non-secure page) This button is [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Pre-launch testing

I’ve spent the last two weeks system testing a large ecommerce site that we are about to launch.  Testing is a vitally important phase of a project here at Beacon and something we don’t take at all lightly!  We usually build a minimum oftwo weeks into the time line for internal testing and two weeks [...] read more »