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Mark Dirks

A Chat with Nextopia’s CEO & Founder, Sanjay Arora

In the web solutions business, vendor partnerships are inevitable.  Good ones are essential.  And when you find good ones that provide great products or services, coupled with great support and a competitive price, you stick with them.  But there’s always one more element that I consider as well – “fit”.  By this, I mean, do [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Why Google Custom Search Engine is a Great Choice

UPDATE: The information in this post was updated on July 20, 2017. Please read the updated version HERE. There are many third-party search engines you can choose from for your website. Some third-party installations and upkeep are more involved than others. Some offer free limited search capabilities and others are paid with extra features. These [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

Podcast interview with Shaun Ryan, SLI Systems’ CEO

You never know how the final version of an interview will turn out, but I thought this turned out pretty good. We cover a lot of information about eCommerce, search engine marketing and site search that many readers may find informative. Enjoy!