John Vine

Building a paginated listing with only HTML and CSS for Responsive Design

Most paginated listings on the web are managed either with server side logic, javascript, or a combination of both. With the first option, the user’s browser wait on network traffic back to the server and back down again. Even if the data is as succinct as possible, a bad connection or crowded wi-fi can make [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

How to Plan Responsive Breakpoints

Typically people think about breakpoints in responsive designs in terms of typical screen size, and it usually works out to something like this: 1024 pixels wide—Full desktop and full-size tablets. 768 pixels wide—Tablets 320 pixels wide—Mobile phones These breakpoints are extremely simplified way of describing what is actually done. In reality, devices come in a [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Holyoke Gas & Electric Redesign Launched!

Beacon Technologies is very proud to announce the launch of the new Cascade site for Holyoke Gas & Electric at! This site is visually a dramatic improvement over the old. BEFORE AFTER It also incorporates the following fantastic functionally: Responsive Design– The new site is a lovely, colorful responsive design, that looks great in [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Is Flat Design For You?

As technology and the familiarity with it grows, designers and developers are now more than ever trying to enhance the website design world. Inevitably, this leads to countless passing trends that come and go much like any design industry. Which leaves us begging the question, how do we know what is more than just a [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Considering Drawer Style Site Navigation

Lately we have been utilizing a drawer style navigation in our designs to provide a better user experience in our websites. The request for quite a bit of content in the drop downs themselves (mega drop downs that span the full width of the site no matter which tab you have clicked) in some of [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

The Responsive Universal Menu Icon

Responsive website design will take over the internet, it’s inevitable. It’s a beautiful answer to the question of how to make content on the internet appropriate for a wide array of devices and screen sizes. With each new design and development approach comes a whole new set of standards. Often the best way to deal [...] read more »