23 12, 2010

Google AdWords – Plural versus Singular Keywords

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You’re setting up your Google AdWords campaign and adding your keywords.  At some point you may ask yourself, “Does the singular form or plural form of the keyword matter?”.

So you go to the Google AdWords traffic estimator and check to see which form gets the most traffic.

Let’s check out the keywords “attorney” and  “attorneys”.

In the table above, “attorney” gets more click traffic (1,920 – 2,404) and it has a cheaper cpc ($5.92 – $8.51).  “Attorney”  looks like the better choice between the two to add to your ad campaign.

But wait…

Doesn’t a higher cpc (cost per click) mean that the keyword “attorneys” commands a higher bid price which is a reflection of higher demand?

“Attorneys” has a higher cpc because advertisers know that the plural is a lot more likely to be typed in by people who are looking to hire an attorney.  Therefore , the bids are driven up because of the higher  demand and you pay a higher cpc to use the plural form.

But why???

The reason is that the singular form is generic and it is likely  that someone who types in “attorney” wants to know something in general about what an attorney is and what the job entails .  A singular search doesn’t always have a similar intent that a search for “attorneys” does.

Typing a search for “attorneys” is more likely to be a search looking to hire an attorney.

Now,  setting your keyword to broad match will cover both singular and plural matches. You’ve covered the potential click traffic, but you have to wonder,  how many of those keyword searches using the singular form in a broad match are costing you money?

17 11, 2010

Affiliate Marketing is the Bee’s Knees!

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What are you waiting for?  Stop putting all of your eggs into the traditional PPC baskets of Microsoft and Google and start entering the brave world of Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Here are reasons why:

1)      You can easily extend your marketing reach by letting others entice your market.

2)      PPC keeps getting more expensive, and money doesn’t grow on trees.

3)      Affiliate Marketing removes the need for budgeting guesswork as long as you know your margins; you set up your affiliate offers and pay a standard, set amount with each conversion.

4)      Even Google is doing it!

Affiliate Marketing rocks because you only pay when a sale occurs.  This method is a safe way to give your online marketing efforts unprecedented leverage.  Instead of just relying upon your own online marketing efforts like PPC, SEO, SMS, etc., you can have the force of an entire network of affiliate sites working to promote your products, specials, coupons, and more!  An affiliate program will help you reach hundreds, if not thousands, of targeted, affiliate websites for free impressions and clicks.  Again, you only pay when you have a conversion!

Have I convinced you yet?  I hope so.  I also just wanted to add that while Affiliate Marketing Campaigns are highly cost effective since they are the closest means to a true revenue-sharing model, don’t stop conducting your other online marketing efforts.  PPC, SEO, SMS, and the other important three-letter acronyms are still necessary. To keep you stacking the SERP results and have a presence, this way just helps you saturate the market and provide numerous incremental sales.

The best four stateside affiliate networks include the following:

1)      Commission JunctionThese folks are the largest network stateside and have really innovative materials.  The fee is a bit more, so if you join them, you should probably be selling more than bags of peanuts.

2)      LinkshareThey have fantastic tracking tools and reports.

3)      Google-We all know about them.

4)      Share a Sale-Their API’s are great, and they are really pushing the envelope on video implementation. Their startup cost is low, and their customer service is great.