19 10, 2010

Where to Invest…That is the Question that I ask of Thee

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Now is the time for many Marketing Directors to develop their Marketing budgets for 2011.  Recent budgets, including 2010, have most likely been cut or perhaps flat over the past couple of years.  B2B Marketers have been hit harder than B2C Marketers but regardless many of you are ready for more investments in 2011.

You will have many options to consider for your marketing investments including PR, sponsorships, trade shows, TV, print ads, direct mail, and certainly Web Marketing.

Web Marketing encompasses many areas of support including Organic, PPC including Content Networks, Social Media, as well as the very important Conversion Optimization.  As we often discuss here on our Beacon Blog, Web Marketing is an excellent channel to consider increasing investments because of the ability to carefully and fully measure the return on the investment and effort.  Beacon’s reporting incorporates all related cost (labor, PPC, etc) in order to fully understand the return so our clients can make the very best decisions.

I often read Forrester Research’s blogs and I recently found this very helpful tool called the HERO Project Effort-Value Evaluation, http://www.forrester.com/empowered/tools.html.  It is a very simple tool that will ask you a series of 10 questions.  The tool evaluates your answers and summarizes the ‘effort’ vs ‘value’ of your particular Marketing projects.

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31 12, 2008

Can Beacon really help your Company obtain Top 10 Rankings in Google?

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You need a new website and you need Top 10 rankings in Google. Your most fierce competitor ranks #4 in Google for your industries most important phrase! Plenty of web development companies are offering their expertise. How do you know which web development company to hire?

I have a simple solution that will help you decide!!

Go to Google and submit searches and see which web companies have Top 10 Organic Rankings for the following phrases:

As you can see, Beacon has Top 3 rankings for many of it’s most important phrases. The value of these rankings is very significant.

We know how to do it.

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