Jordan Lowry

How to Identify Stolen Content and Take Action!

Imagine that you and your staff have spent countless hours creating engaging content for your website, only to discover that much of it has been stolen and repurposed by others – without your consent. The appearance of duplicate content could adversely affect your website search rankings, making it more difficult for prospective students, alumni and [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Blending Marketing and Technology

Von R. Glitschka once said “Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” In today’s world, where everything is a click away, I think this can be paraphrased to “Marketing without technology is obsolete and technology without marketing is inert.” What exactly do I mean by that? Let’s start with the first part, [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Mobile is Booming

UPDATE: The information in this post was updated on August 2, 2017. Please read the updated version HERE. After working in web development for several years, things have changed quite a bit. A majority of people now look to their smartphones or tablets (including me, after work). They are simple to navigate and everything is [...] read more »